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Blue Ox Patriot 2 vs. Patriot 3: Uncovering the Key Differences

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The difference between the blue ox patriot 2 and 3 is that the patriot 3 has improved electrical connections and a redesigned casing for increased durability. The blue ox patriot 2 and 3 are both braking systems designed for towed vehicles in recreational vehicle (rv) applications.

Rv enthusiasts often tow a separate vehicle behind their rv, called a toad, for use in exploring or running errands once parked. These braking systems are necessary to ensure safe towing of the toad. Despite the similarities in function, the patriot 3 has several improvements over the previous model, including modifications to improve electrical connections and a revamped casing for added durability.

These upgrades make the patriot 3 a preferred choice in safety and reliability for the rv community.

Blue Ox Patriot 2

The blue ox patriot 2 is a portable braking system designed for towed vehicles. It is a compact and easy-to-use device that provides reliable and efficient braking. The patriot 2 uses a wireless controller that communicates with the braking unit, making the installation process straightforward.

Unlike its predecessor, the patriot 2 has a faster response time and can be customized to personal preferences. Some users reported that the device may be sensitive, causing sudden braking in certain situations. However, others praised its effectiveness in stopping the towed vehicle smoothly.

Since its release, blue ox has made various updates to the patriot 2, including adding a low-battery indicator and improving its compatibility with newer vehicles. Overall, the blue ox patriot 2 is a reliable and straightforward option for those seeking a portable braking system.

Blue Ox Patriot 3

The blue ox patriot 3 is a portable, self-contained braking system that attaches to the towed vehicle’s brake pedal. This fully automatic system is easy to set up and use, making it a popular choice for rvers. The patriot 3 comes with a number of impressive features, such as its wireless remote, easy-to-read led display, and compact design.

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Many users have noted that the patriot 3’s performance is superior to its predecessor, the patriot 2. However, some have also mentioned a few potential drawbacks, such as the system’s weight and the need for occasional calibration. Since its release, the patriot 3 has seen a few updates and improvements, including a more durable construction and increased sensitivity.

All in all, the blue ox patriot 3 is a highly capable and convenient option for those in need of a portable braking system for their towed vehicle.

Comparison Of Blue Ox Patriot 2 And Patriot 3

Blue ox patriot is one of the most popular portable braking systems in the market today. The patriot 2 and patriot 3 are two varieties of this braking system that have some major differences. When it comes to weight and ease of use, the patriot 3 is lighter and simpler to handle compared to the patriot 2.

On the other hand, the patriot 2 is a more cost-effective option compared to its newer version. In terms of compatibility with different vehicles and towing needs, both models offer broad flexibility, but the newer patriot 3 version has more excellent compatibility features.

Additionally, looking at different customer reviews, both versions have proved to be reliable and effective. Overall, both models are fantastic options, depending on an individual’s preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions On Difference Between Blue Ox Patriot 2 And 3

What Are The Differences Between Blue Ox Patriot 2 And 3?

The main differences between the blue ox patriot 2 and 3 are the internal components and the level of customization.

Is The Blue Ox Patriot 3 Worth The Upgrade From The 2?

The upgrade from blue ox patriot 2 to 3 is worth it for those who tow heavier vehicles and want a faster setup time.

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Can The Blue Ox Patriot 2 Be Used With Larger Vehicles?

While the blue ox patriot 2 can work with larger vehicles, the blue ox patriot 3 is recommended for towing heavier and larger vehicles for better braking performance.


After carefully examining the features of the blue ox patriot 2 and 3, it is clear that both are highly reliable and efficient braking systems for towed vehicles. However, the blue ox patriot 3 stands out with its added features and improved performance.

The wireless remote and led monitor provide added convenience and safety features that make it easier to monitor operations while on the road. The improved battery life, advanced sensors, and faster response time make the patriot 3 a more superior choice.

Ultimately, the decision to choose between the blue ox patriot 2 and 3 will depend on individual needs and preferences. Nonetheless, both systems are excellent choices for anyone who values the safety and reliability of their towed vehicle. Whether you prefer the classic buttons of the patriot 2 or the advanced features of patriot 3, blue ox braking systems remain a top choice for rv owners.

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