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Weathertech vs. Weathertech HP | Which One Best For You?

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Weathertech is a brand of automotive accessories that offer custom-fit floor mats, cargo liners and other protective products. Weathertech hp is a higher-end version of the same brand with added features such as patented matgrip retention devices and channels to trap and contain fluid.

Anyone serious about protecting their vehicle’s interior knows the name Weathertech. Their precision-fit floor liners are legendary for their durability and ability to contain spills and mess. But with the introduction of Weathertech HP mats, choosing the right floor protection has become a bit trickier. Are the classic DigitalFit FloorLiners still king, or does the flexible HP newcomer take the crown? Let’s dive in!

Weathertech DigitalFit FloorLiners – The Tried and True Classic

Weathertech DigitalFit FloorLiners

Weathertech’s DigitalFit FloorLiners are the originals, built with a proprietary thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that’s semi-rigid for exceptional structure. Think of them as deep trays for the floor of your car. Their high walls and channels are designed to trap an incredible amount of liquid, dirt, snow, and debris, keeping it away from your carpets.


  • Unmatched Coverage: DigitalFit Liners extend high up the sides of your footwells, often reaching under pedals, maximizing protection.
  • Built to Last: The tough TPE material resists wear, cracking, and warping even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Effortless Cleaning: Hose them down or wipe them clean – these are designed for easy maintenance.


  • Slippery Underfoot: The hard, smooth surface, especially when wet, can lack some grip.
  • Pricey (sometimes): Expect to pay slightly more in some vehicle fitments compared to the HP line.
  • Inflexible: The rigid structure makes installation a touch more demanding than softer alternatives.
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Weathertech FloorLiner HP – The Flexible Newcomer

Weathertech FloorLiner HP

Weathertech FloorLiner HP mats offer a different approach. Constructed from a softer, more rubber-like TPE, they form-fit to your floorboards with raised edges for ample coverage. Notably, they feature a textured surface designed to provide maximum grip, wet or dry.


  • Fantastic Traction: Whether rain-soaked boots or muddy paws, HP liners offer superior slip-resistance.
  • Comfortable Feel: They have a slightly softer, more pliable nature than DigitalFit liners, appealing to those who dislike a rigid surface.
  • (Often) Budget-Friendly: HP liners can sometimes be marginally cheaper than their classic siblings.


  • Coverage Caveat: While excellent, the slightly softer material may not reach as far up the sides in every vehicle model compared to DigitalFit.
  • Cleaning Considerations: The textured surface may take a bit more effort to scrub completely clean in some circumstances.

Weathertech vs. HP – Which is Right for You?

  • Prioritize Absolute Protection: If you live in harsh climates with heavy snow, mud, or frequent spills, DigitalFit FloorLiners offer that extra bit of wrap-around coverage.
  • Superior Grip is Key: Drivers who value non-slip confidence, especially for work boots or frequently wet shoes, will love the FloorLiner HP’s texture.
  • Consider Your Preferences: Think about how you want your car’s floor to feel. Do you like a rigid, tray-like structure (DigitalFit), or a more pliable, conforming mat (HP)?
  • Your Specific Car Matters: Always visit Weathertech’s website to check for precise fitments and potential price differences between the types for your vehicle make and model.

Beyond the Basics

Remember these key points regardless of whether you lean towards Weathertech DigitalFit or HP:

  • Made for Your Ride: Both are laser-measured for your exact vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • American Craftsmanship: Both lines are proudly manufactured in the USA.
  • Investment in Protection: While a bit pricier than generic mats, Weathertech’s quality ensures years of use, ultimately saving you from costly carpet damage.
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Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either Weathertech choice. It all boils down to your individual needs and priorities. Do you crave maximum containment? Lean toward the classic DigitalFit. Want the grippiest surface possible? HP’s your winner.


Q1: Are Weathertech HP as good as the original?

A: Both are excellent! It depends on what you prioritize. DigitalFits offer slightly more coverage; HPs feature superior grip. Both are durable and precision-fit.

Q2: Can you trim Weathertech HP floor mats?

A: Yes! They often include a trimmable section to accommodate features like door sill plates found in some vehicle trims.

Q3: Do Weathertech floor mats make noise?

A: Generally not. With a proper fit, they shouldn’t rattle or make annoying noises. Improper installation or loose debris caught underneath are the usual culprits if noise occurs.

Q4: Are Weathertech mats worth the money?

A: For many, yes. They protect your vehicle’s carpets far better than generic mats, saving costly cleaning or damage. They’re an investment in your car’s value.

Q5: Will Weathertech mats slide around?

A: Not when installed properly. They use your car’s retention system (if equipped) and are designed to sit snugly, minimizing movement.

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