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Dana 60 Vs Dana 70 : The Ultimate Comparison Guide!

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The dana 70 is a larger and heavier-duty axle than the dana 60. dana 60 and dana 70 are both sturdy axles created by the dana corporation for use in heavy-duty vehicles. A few differences exist between the two that can make one preferable to the other.

The dana 60 is more common and lighter than the dana 70. The dana 70 is bigger and more heavy-duty, making it suitable for towing and heavy loads. The dana 60 has a stronger aftermarket following and a larger number of available parts than the dana 70.

Because they are both strong, capable axles, choosing between the two brands comes down to the specific requirements of the car. So, which axle you pick will be determined on what you’re looking for.

Anatomy Of Dana 60 And Dana 70

Dana 60 and dana 70 are two of the popular axles used in off-roading vehicles. Dana 60 has a 9. 75-inch ring gear diameter and 35-spline axle shafts, while dana 70 has a larger 10. 50-inch ring gear diameter and 32-spline axle shafts.

Both axles have a heavy-duty nodular iron differential case that provides strength and durability. Other key components of the dana 60 include the large pinion and carrier bearings, the thick axle housing, and the low pinion design. The dana 70 is known for having a larger carrier bearing that adds more strength to the axle.

Overall, both axles are great options for off-road enthusiasts who want to maximize their vehicle’s performance.

Strength And Durability Compared

Dana 60 and dana 70 are both highly durable and strong axles used for heavy-duty applications. However, when choosing between the two, several factors must be considered, such as the type of vehicle, weight, and intended use. Dana 60 is a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts due to its strength and ability to handle intense stress.

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On the other hand, dana 70 is often favored for towing and hauling due to its larger size and weight capacity. Both axles have their advantages, so the decision ultimately depends on the specific needs of the user. Overall, the strength and durability of these axles make them reliable options for challenging applications.

Performance On Off-Road Terrain

The dana 60 and dana 70 are both well-regarded in off-road situations. The dana 60 has a smaller ring gear, making it more popular among rock crawlers, while the 70 has a greater carrying capacity, making it a go-to for mud boggers.

Factors to consider when choosing between the two include durability, cost, weight, and aftermarket options. It’s important to choose the axle that best suits your vehicle and preferred off-road activity.

Cost Comparison

Dana 60 and dana 70 are two of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing a high-performance rear axle for your truck or suv. When comparing costs between these two options, it’s important to consider their cost-effectiveness in the long run.

Generally, dana 70 tends to be more expensive than dana 60. However, the additional cost might be worth it if you’re looking for a rear axle with better towing capacity and durability. Choose the option that best fits your vehicle’s needs and your budget.

Remember to consider not only the initial cost, but also the long-term cost-effectiveness, to make an informed decision.

Gear Ratio Options

Choosing the correct gear ratio is vital when it comes to off-roading with dana 60 or dana 70. The first step is to weigh the pros and cons of each axle and determine which is best suited for your needs and vehicle.

The dana 60 is well known for its excellent strength and durability, while the dana 70 offers a higher load capacity. When considering gear ratio options, factors such as tire size, engine rpm, and driving conditions should also be taken into account.

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Properly matching the gear ratio to these variables ensures the ideal performance for your vehicle. Whether you prefer the dana 60 or the dana 70, understanding the options available and your personal driving style is key to making the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dana 60 Vs Dana 70

What Is The Difference Between Dana 60 And Dana 70?

Dana 70 is designed for heavier trucks and has larger ring and pinion gear than dana 60.

Can I Swap My Dana 60 For A Dana 70?

Yes, it’s possible to swap a dana 60 for a dana 70, but some modifications may be necessary.

Is A Dana 70 Better Than A Dana 60?

While dana 70 is stronger than dana 60, it’s bulkier, heavier, more expensive, and not necessary for most applications.


The dana 60 and dana 70 both hold unique features that cater to specific off-road or towing needs. While the dana 60 offers a lightweight and compact build with the highest strength-to-weight ratio, the dana 70 brings in greater durability and load-bearing capacity at the cost of added weight.

It’s essential to assess your vehicle’s requirements and the intended usage before deciding which axle to install. Proper maintenance and upgrades can help improve performance, prevent breakdowns, and prolong the lifespan of these gears. Always seek professional advice and quality products when making modifications to your vehicle.

With the right equipment, you can optimize your driving experience and conquer the toughest terrains without worrying about gear failure. Choose wisely, and never compromise safety for convenience or cost.

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