Dexos Gen 2 Vs Gen 3: Which Oil Will Boost Your Engine Performance?

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Dexos gen 3 is an improved version of gen 2, offering better engine performance and durability, as well as fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Dexos is an engine oil specification developed by general motors to ensure that their vehicles perform optimally.

Recently, they updated their specification to dexos gen 3, which supersedes the earlier gen 2 version. While many similarities exist between the two, there are some important differences. Dexos gen 3 is a more advanced oil and comes with a range of improved features, including better wear protection, deposit control, and fuel efficiency.

Additionally, gen 3 is designed to cater to modern engines that have higher horsepower and operate at higher temperatures, making dexos gen 3 the preferred choice for general motors vehicles manufactured after 2018.

What Are Dexos Gen 2 And Gen 3?

Dexos gen 2 and gen 3 are oils developed by general motors. Dexos gen 2 was introduced in 2010, as a successor to dexos gen 1. Dexos gen 2 was created to provide better fuel efficiency, improved performance and extended oil life.

It also offers protection against engine wear and corrosion in turbocharged engines. Dexos gen 3 was introduced in 2020, as a replacement to dexos gen 2. It has been formulated to provide better wear protection, less volatility, and improved fuel economy.

It is designed to withstand heavier loads and higher pressures. Dexos gen 3 is backward compatible with dexos gen 2 oils. Overall, dexos gen 3 is an upgraded version of dexos gen 2 with a few modifications.

Features Of Dexos Gen 2

Dexos gen 2 promotes optimum engine performance with its exceptional features. It guarantees reduced emissions, improved fuel efficiency, and extended engine life. It boasts of high-level detergent, dispersant, and anti-wear properties perfect for gasoline engines. Its exceptional performance characteristics optimize engine output, reducing instances of breakdown and guaranteeing a smooth ride.

One major advantage of dexos gen 2 is its ability to enhance fuel economy by upto 2%. However, like every product, it has its disadvantages; it’s more costly than regular motor oil, a fact which puts off some consumers. Overall, dexos gen 2 is a reliable synthetic blend motor oil that offers long-lasting engine protection and perfect for those seeking the best engine performance possible.

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Features Of Dexos Gen 3

Dexos gen 3 offers a range of performance characteristics that make it superior to its predecessor. Its enhanced oxidation stability reduces oil breakdown and extends engine life. It also boasts stronger protection against deposit formation, wear and corrosion. The advantages of using dexos gen 3 include better fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and cost savings due to longer oil change intervals.

However, it is important to note that some car manufacturers still require the use of dexos gen 2, so always check the owner’s manual before making a switch. The newer dexos gen 3 provides improved engine performance and protection, making it a wise choice for vehicle owners who want to ensure the longevity and efficiency of their engines.

Differences Between Dexos Gen 2 And Gen 3

Dexos gen 2 and gen 3 are engine oil standards set by general motors. Gen 2 was introduced in 2011, while gen 3 was launched in 2015. The main difference between the two is that gen 3 has a more advanced formula and provides better protection against wear and deposits.

However, it is slightly more expensive than gen 2. Gen 3 is recommended for newer engines that require higher-performance oils, while gen 2 is suitable for older engines. Both dexos standards are designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

When choosing between dexos gen 2 and gen 3, it’s important to consider the age and type of your engine, as well as your budget. By using either dexos gen 2 or gen 3, you can ensure that your engine gets the best possible protection and performance.

Which One Should You Choose?

Dexos gen 2 vs gen 3 – which one should you choose? Before choosing between dexos gen 2 and gen 3, several factors need to be considered. The type of engine and manufacturer’s recommendations are important. Some engines are better suited for one, while the other is preferred for different engines.

It’s imperative to adhere to manufacturer guidelines to avoid costly damages. Dexos gen 3 is the latest oil rating, surpassing previous versions in performance, protection, and fuel efficiency. The advancements ensure longer engine life and save consumers a considerable amount of money by providing better fuel economy.

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Finally, always be conscious of the cost of investing in a high-performance oil. Use manufacturer recommendations and choose the best dexos rating for your engine.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dexos Gen 2 Vs Gen 3

What Is The Difference Between Dexos Gen 2 And Gen 3?

The main differences between dexos gen 2 and gen 3 are improved oxidation and wear control, longer oil life, and better fuel efficiency.

Can I Use Dexos Gen 3 Oil In My Car If It Requires Dexos Gen 2?

Yes, you can use dexos gen 3 oil in a car that requires dexos gen 2. The newer oil meets and exceeds the requirements of the older oil.

Is Dexos Gen 3 Oil Better Than Dexos Gen 2 Oil?

Dexos gen 3 oil is better than dexos gen 2 oil in terms of performance, fuel efficiency, and environmental impact. It also has a longer oil life and better wear and oxidation control.


After delving into the differences between dexos gen 2 and gen 3, it is safe to say that both versions have their pros and cons. While dexos gen 2 remains a cost-effective option with stable performance, dexos gen 3 boasts better fuel economy and emission reduction capabilities.

The choice between these two versions ultimately comes down to the specific needs and preferences of each individual. However, it is important to note that dexos gen 3 is the newer and more advanced version of the two. In order to guarantee optimal engine performance and prolong engine life, it is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and use the appropriate dexos oil.

Whether you opt for dexos gen 2 or gen 3, make sure to conduct regular oil changes and maintenance to ensure your engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

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