Dexos Gen 3 Vs Gen 2: Which Oil Provides Better Engine Performance?

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Dexos gen 3 is an upgrade to the previous gen 2 specification. The main difference between the two is that gen 3 has a higher level of performance and more advanced testing requirements.

The development of dexos gen 3 was necessary to keep pace with evolving engine technology and provide better engine protection. It includes tougher requirements for engine oil shear stability, improved oxidation control, and better deposit protection. In addition, gen 3 specifications require more sophisticated testing protocols to ensure that oils meet or exceed performance standards.

The upgrade to the latest specification is recommended for newer engines, and also provides an opportunity to switch to oils with a longer service life. Though the upgrade comes at a slightly higher cost, it is believed to be a valuable investment in engine protection.

Overview Of Dexos Oils

Dexos oils are specific motor oils that have been formulated to meet the specific requirements of gm vehicles. One of the advantages of using dexos oils is that they are designed to increase engine performance while reducing the risk of engine damage.

These oils also provide better fuel economy, ensuring that your vehicle runs more efficiently. The main difference between dexos gen 3 and gen 2 oils is the amount of additives they contain. Dexos gen 3 oils have more advanced additive technology, which allows them to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency.

On the other hand, dexos gen 2 oils are designed to offer basic protection and are recommended for older gm vehicles. Regardless of which type of dexos oil you choose, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Understanding Dexos Gen 2

Dexos gen 2 is a high-performance engine oil that has been formulated by general motors. This type of oil has unique characteristics and specifications that set it apart from other types of oils in the market. It provides excellent engine protection by reducing wear and tear and maximizing fuel economy.

Compared to dexos gen 3, dexos gen 2 has better resistance to oxidation and volatility, making it an ideal choice for vehicles operating under high-stress conditions. One of the many benefits of using dexos gen 2 for engine performance is that it is compatible with older engines, making it a versatile choice for any type of vehicle.

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By using dexos gen 2, you will ensure that your engine remains lubricated, protected, and performs optimally for longer periods.

Understanding Dexos Gen 3

Dexos gen 3 oil is the newest and best-performing oil type in the market. Its specifications include a low-temperature pumpability and superior fuel economy. Dexos gen 3 oil offers enhanced engine cleanliness and improved protection from wear. Moreover, it is compatible with advanced engine technologies.

Dexos gen 2, on the other hand, lacks gen 3’s low-temperature properties and does not provide the same level of wear protection. Other types of oils also fall short when compared to gen 3’s efficiency. Switching to dexos gen 3 oil can lead to optimal engine performance.

With its advanced specifications, it can help improve fuel economy and extend the life of your engine.

Comparison: Dexos Gen 3 Vs Dexos Gen 2

Dexos gen 3 and gen 2 are types of engine oils. Key differences between them are viscosity, efficiency and piston cleanliness. Dexos gen 3 has a thinner viscosity and can improve fuel economy. However, gen 2 has better oxidation control and can reduce engine deposits.

The choice between them depends on the engine type and the desired performance. Modern engines require a cleaner and more efficient oil, hence dexos gen 3 is better suited. Using the wrong oil can damage your engine and reduce its lifespan.

Make sure to check your owner’s manual and consult with a professional mechanic before deciding which type of oil to use.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Oil

When choosing the right oil, factors such as the type of vehicle and engine, weather and driving conditions, frequency of oil changes, and the overall cost and value of dexos gen 3 vs. dexos gen 2 must be considered. The type of vehicle and engine determine the oil’s viscosity and performance requirements.

Extreme weather and driving conditions may require a higher-performance oil. The frequency of oil changes depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations and driving habits. Dexos gen 3 has an extended drain interval, which can save money in the long run. Assessing the overall cost and value of dexos gen 3 vs.

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dexos gen 2 includes considering factors such as performance, fuel efficiency, and warranty coverage. Ultimately, it’s essential to choose an oil that meets your vehicle’s specific needs to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting engine health.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dexos Gen 3 Vs Gen 2

What Are The Differences Between Dexos Gen 3 And Gen 2?

Dexos gen 3 has improved fuel efficiency and better wear protection than gen 2.

Can I Use Dexos Gen 3 Instead Of Gen 2?

Yes, you can use dexos gen 3 instead of gen 2 as it provides better engine protection.

Which Oil Brands Offer Dexos Gen 3 Certified Oils?

Oil brands like mobil 1, valvoline, and pennzoil offer dexos gen 3 certified oils.


After analyzing all the aspects of dexos gen 3 and gen 2, we can conclude that both of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Dexos gen 3 is the latest technology with improved performance and fuel efficiency, making it the best choice for modern engines.

However, the price of oil that meets the standard of gen 3 is higher than gen 2. Gen 2 is a cheaper alternative that still provides an excellent level of protection for the engine. It’s an excellent option for those who are looking for a cost-effective solution.

Before making a decision, it’s important to consider the requirement of your vehicle and what type of oil is recommended by the manufacturer. Always check the label and look for the dexos logo to ensure high-quality performance and sustainability. Keep in mind that using the recommended oil for your engine helps maintain its longevity and performance and saves time, money, and reduces environmental footprints.

Ensure that you choose the right oil for your car and take care of it properly, which will ensure long-lasting performance.

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