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Pf48 vs Pf48E Oil Filters: Key Differences You Need to Know

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The main difference between pf48 and pf48e is the bypass valve. Pf48e has a bypass valve while pf48 does not.

Pf48 and pf48e are both oil filters produced by ac delco. However, they have one main difference; the bypass valve. The pf48e has a bypass valve while pf48 does not. The bypass valve works as a safety valve that opens when the filter becomes clogged to allow oil to keep flowing to the engine, preventing damage to the engine.

FeatureDelco PF48Delco PF48E
Filter TypeSpin-OnSpin-On
Filter MediaCelluloseSynthetic Blend
Anti-Drainback ValveYesYes
Bypass ValveYesYes
Thread Size22mm x 1.5mm22mm x 1.5mm
Relief Valve Setting (PSI)12 PSI12 PSI
Gasket MaterialNitrile RubberNitrile Rubber
Filter Height (inches)3.85 inches3.72 inches
Filter Diameter (inches)2.98 inches2.98 inches
Filter Change IntervalTypically every 3,000-5,000 milesTypically every 5,000-7,500 miles
CompatibilityCompatible with a range of vehiclesCompatible with a range of vehicles
Price RangeVaries depending on retailer and locationVaries depending on retailer and location
51zvew6ihol. Ac Sl1500
71e8zliqnl. Ac Sl1500

Pf48 filters are designed to fit most gm vehicles, whereas the pf48e is specifically designed for the corvette z06. Ac delco recommends changing oil filters every 7,500 miles or six months, whichever comes first, to maintain engine performance and prevent damage. Choosing the right oil filter for your vehicle is essential for optimum engine performance and longevity.

Pf48 And Pf48E: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Pf48 and pf48e filters are both oil filters, designed to keep your engine running smoothly. While pf48e is an extended-life filter, pf48 is a standard filter. Pf48e can last for up to 15,000 miles before needing to be replaced, whereas pf48 needs to be replaced between 7,500 to 10,000 miles, depending on driving conditions.

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Both filters work by trapping dirt particles and contaminants in the oil, preventing them from causing engine damage. Pf48e has more filter material, allowing it to last longer, but it is also more expensive than pf48. If you have a long commute or drive frequently, pf48e is the better option for you.

However, if you drive less often, pf48 can suffice and is a more budget-friendly option.

Key Differences Between Pf48 And Pf48E Oil Filters

Pf48 and pf48e are two different oil filters with significant differences. One of the major differences is the size and shape of the filters. Operating capacity and filtration efficiency are also different between the two filters. Materials used in the construction of the filters are also not the same, and it is important to consider compatibility with different types of engines before purchasing.

These differences also affect the performance and longevity of the filters. Hence, it is essential to know these differences in detail, before investing in them. Understanding the key differences will help you make an informed decision based on your engine type, needs and budget.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pf48 And Pf48E Oil Filters

Pf48 and pf48e are two well-known oil filters in the automotive industry. While they may look similar, there are some key differences between the two. The pf48 is a standard filter that is commonly used in many vehicles. On the other hand, the pf48e is an extended-life filter that offers a longer lifespan than the pf48.

One of the advantages of the pf48 is its affordability. It is also widely available and compatible with a variety of vehicles. However, its limited lifespan can be a disadvantage, and it may not be suitable for those who drive frequently or in harsh conditions.

In contrast, the pf48e provides an extended lifespan, making it suitable for those who drive more frequently or in extreme conditions. However, it may come with a higher price tag compared to the standard pf48. When choosing an oil filter, it’s important to consider your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations and the type of driving conditions you typically encounter.

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Ultimately, choosing the right filter can help maximize the performance and lifespan of your engine.

What Experts Recommend: Comparing The Performance Of Pf48 And Pf48E Filters

Research studies conducted by automotive experts have shed light on the differences between the pf48 and pf48e oil filters. They found that the performance of both filters varied significantly depending on the engine and driving conditions of the vehicle. One of the main differences between the two filters is that the pf48e filter has a higher filtration efficiency than the pf48 filter.

However, this also means that the pf48e filter may require more frequent maintenance and replacement. It’s important to consider factors such as the type of vehicle, driving conditions, and maintenance schedule when selecting an oil filter. Overall, experts recommend carefully researching and analyzing the specific needs of your vehicle before making a decision between pf48 and pf48e filters.

Frequently Asked Questions On Difference Between Pf48 And Pf48E

What Is The Difference Between Pf48 And Pf48E Oil Filters?

The main difference lies in the valve design – the pf48e has an updated bypass valve while pf48 has an anti-drainback valve.

Can I Use Pf48E Instead Of Pf48 Oil Filter?

Yes, you can use pf48e instead of pf48 oil filter as it is an updated version improved for better performance.

Which Is Better Pf48 Or Pf48E Oil Filter?

Pf48e is better than pf48 oil filter due to its updated valve design, resulting in improved filtration and longer durability.


In essence, comparing pf48 and pf48e is like scrutinizing two peas in a pod. The difference lies in their features and functions, which is monumental to the end-user. For instance, pf48 filters are indeed trustable and reliable, however, pf48e is the updated and upgraded version of the pf48, complete with extra-added perks.

In terms of their design and compatibility, both filters are deemed perfect for use in gm vehicles. A keen eye will note that the pf48e is a more modernized version since the manufacturer has raised the bar higher by incorporating an intricate design.

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