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Difference between Police Impala & Regular Impala

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The main difference between a police impala and a regular impala is that the police impala has specially designed features for law enforcement purposes. The chevrolet impala has always been a popular american sedan with its sleek design, spacious interior, and fuel-efficient engine.

However, the police impala is a different breed that is specially designed to meet the needs of law enforcement. The police impala comes equipped with high-performance engines, heavy-duty suspension, and advanced safety features to handle high-speed chases and intensive driving duties.

It also has enhanced cooling systems to keep the engine running efficiently during extended operational cycles. The interior of the police impala has durable materials and specialized technology for communication and equipment storage. These differences make the police impala a reliable and formidable vehicle for law enforcement purposes.

What Is Impala?

The impala is a popular full-size sedan manufactured by chevrolet. It has been in production for over six decades and has evolved to suit the modern customer’s demands. The impala comes with various features like a spacious interior, comfortable seats, robust engine power, and a smooth ride.

The police impala, on the other hand, is the law enforcement version of the impala used by police departments. It has additional modifications that make it appropriate for police pursuits and patrolling. These modifications include heavy-duty suspension, enhanced braking system, and larger wheels.

While both the regular impala and police impala share similar features, the latter has additional modifications that make it ideal for a police vehicle.

Features Of Police Impala

The police impala is built for high performance and speed. It comes with customized police features like siren systems, spotlight, and bulletproof doors. These features make it highly functional in law enforcement. Additionally, the police impala has heavy-duty suspension and cooling systems.

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These systems provide support for the demands of regular police operations. With its unique features, a police impala differs from a regular impala. Its design is primarily for use in law enforcement. A regular impala, on the other hand, is built for the masses.

It lacks the modified features of a police impala and suited for regular city errands. Unique features set the police impala apart from a regular impala, making it a highly functional law enforcement vehicle.

Features Of Regular Impala

The regular impala is built for comfort and overall ease of use. It puts less emphasis on high-performance mechanisms and speed. Standard features such as air conditioning, sound systems, and comfortable seats are included to make the driving experience more pleasurable.

As a result, drivers can focus on driving without getting distracted or fatigued. This makes the regular impala a great choice for daily commutes, road trips, and running errands. Comfortable seats and smooth handling also make it an excellent option for families with young children.

Overall, the regular impala is designed to provide a simple and comfortable driving experience without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Design And Aesthetics

The police impala and regular impala have distinct design differences. The exterior of the police impala is equipped with a push bumper, spotlights, and a spotlight harness, while the regular impala is not. The police car is built with a durable body to withstand high-impact collisions.

The interior is designed for police work with space for radios, safety equipment, and laptop mounts. The regular impala houses standard equipment for regular use. The logo placements are different, where the police car has logos on the doors and rear, while the regular car only has a logo on the rear.

The color schemes are also different, with the police cars typically painted black and white for high-visibility purposes. These design and aesthetic differences separate the police impala from the regular impala and cater to their respective functions.

Pricing And Availability

The pricing and availability of police impala and regular impala vary significantly. The base cost of regular impala is around $31,000. Meanwhile, the base price of police impala is roughly $31,000, but it can be higher due to the added equipment.

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The cost of police impala can go up to $40,000–$45,000 after the inclusion of additional features like police radios and gps systems. Additionally, police impalas are not widely available to the general public for purchase as they are mostly sold to government agencies.

However, some used police impalas can be found in car auctions and elsewhere. All in all, the difference between the pricing and availability of the two models is notably significant.

Frequently Asked Questions For Difference Between Police Impala Regular Impala

What Is A Police Impala?

A police impala is a specially designed chevrolet impala used by law enforcement as a patrol car.

What Are The Features Of A Police Impala?

Police impala has features like heavy-duty suspension, special cooling, and electrical systems to support intensive use.

How Is A Regular Impala Different From A Police Impala?

The regular impala is made for personal commuting, while a police impala is specifically built for law enforcement purposes with advanced features.


It is clear that the police impala and regular impala differ in various ways. While the police impala is designed to meet the specific needs of law enforcement officers, the regular impala is built for ordinary road use. The police impala boasts of superior engine power, speed, and durability to handle various challenging driving conditions.

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