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Pv2 vs. Pv4 Proportioning Valve Differences

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The main difference between pv2 and pv4 proportioning valve is the number of outlets. Pv2 has two outlets, while pv4 has four outlets.

Proportioning valves are crucial components in hydraulic braking systems as they equalize front and rear brake pressure. Every hydraulic braking system is equipped with at least one proportioning valve to ensure balanced brake force is applied to various wheels. The two most commonly used proportioning valves are pv2 and pv4.

Pv2 proportioning valve has two outlets, while pv4 proportioning valve has four outlets. Both types of proportioning valves perform the same function, but pv4 is preferred for vehicles with a four-wheel hydraulic braking system, while pv2 is suitable for vehicles with a two-wheel hydraulic braking system. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between pv2 and pv4, and which proportioning valve is right for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions For Difference Between Pv2 And Pv4 Proportioning Valve

What Is A Pv2 Proportioning Valve?

A pv2 proportioning valve is a two-way proportioning valve used to control the front and rear brakes’ hydraulic pressure distribution.

What Is A Pv4 Proportioning Valve?

A pv4 proportioning valve is a four-way proportioning valve used to adjust the hydraulic pressure distribution to all four wheels in a vehicle.

What Is The Difference Between Pv2 And Pv4 Proportioning Valve?

The main difference between pv2 and pv4 proportioning valve is the number of hydraulic circuits they control. Pv2 controls the front and rear hydraulic circuits while pv4 proportioning valve distributes pressure to all four wheels.


After examining the differences between pv2 and pv4 proportioning valves, it is clear that each one has its own advantages and best-suited applications. While pv2 valves may be the more economical choice, pv4 valves provide better tuning options and accuracy for high-performance vehicles.

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It’s important to consider your specific needs and budget when choosing between them. It’s also imperative to ensure that you install the proportioning valve correctly to avoid any braking issues. Ultimately, it’s possible to upgrade the brake system of your vehicle with either one of these proportioning valves, making it more efficient and safe.

Always remember that maintaining the brakes is essential for overall vehicle safety and performance. With the right choice of proportioning valve and proper installation, you can enjoy a smooth driving experience, knowing that your brakes are performing at their best.

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