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How long it takes from 3400 to 3800 order status?

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The time it takes to go from a 3400 status to a 3800 status when ordering a Corvette is 10 days. But various factors depend on production schedules and delivery logistics. However, typically it can take around 10-15 days for a Corvette to move from a 3400 (Order Broadcasted for Production) to a 3800 status (Vehicle Produced).

It is advisable to contact your local Chevrolet dealership or check with the Corvette order tracking system for more accurate information regarding the particular order.

What Is Vehicle 3400 To 3800 Order Status

The vehicle 3400 to 3800 order status refers to the various stages involved in the production and delivery process of a Corvette. When you place an order for a Corvette, there are multiple steps that need to be completed before your vehicle is ready for delivery.

These steps include production, transportation, and final quality checks. The time it takes from the 3400 to 3800 status can vary depending on several factors, such as demand and availability of parts. It is recommended to check with your dealer for more specific information about the timeline for your particular order.

How Long It Takes In Vehicle 3400 Order Status?

The time it takes for 3400 (Order Broadcasted for Production) takes about 2-4 days. Factors such as demand, production schedule, and any customizations can impact the length of this process. It is important to note that General Motors has recently announced important dates for Corvette Stingray production.

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The timeline may be different for specific dealerships or manufacturers for accurate information regarding the timeline for delivery. This can include details about the GM TPW (Target Production Week) and how it aligns with the delivery date.

Ordering a new Corvette online can offer convenience and ease in the car buying process. Stay informed by consulting the authorized sources for the most up-to-date information on the time duration for a Corvette order to be fulfilled.

How Long It Takes In Vehicle 3800 Order Status?

The process of going from the 3400 to 3800 status in a vehicle order usually takes 10-15 days. Once the order reaches the 3400 status, it means that the car has been broadcasted for production, and it is now in queue to be built.

From there, it goes through various stages, such as allocation, sequencing, and production. During the 3800 status, the vehicle is being produced and is in the final stages before it is ready to be shipped to the dealership. The specific timeframe for how long it takes to reach the 3800 status can vary depending on various factors, including the demand for the vehicle and the manufacturer’s production schedule.

Vin Number Depends On This Status

The VIN number of your Corvette depends on the status of your order, specifically the time it takes for your vehicle to move from the 3400 to the 3800 status codes. These codes indicate different stages of production and delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions On How Long From 3400 To 3800 Status

What Does 3400 Broadcast Mean For Gm?

3400 broadcast for GM means that the vehicle has been scheduled for production and the order has been accepted by the manufacturing plant. After this stage, the vehicle will go through the assembly process before being delivered to the customer.

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When Can You Order A 2024 Corvette?

The 2024 Corvette can be ordered during the announced production dates. Check the official Chevrolet website for online ordering details and the estimated time from order placement to delivery.

How Long To Get A Corvette After Ordering?

The wait time for a Corvette after ordering can vary, but typically ranges from a few weeks to a few months. It depends on factors such as production schedules and demand.


The timeline from the 3400 to 3800 status for your Corvette can vary depending on several factors. Factors such as production demand, the customization options chosen, and the specific model you ordered can all affect the duration. However, by staying in touch with your dealership and actively tracking the updates on your order, you can get a better idea of the estimated delivery time for your dream Corvette.

Happy waiting!

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