How Much Does a C7 Corvette Weigh?

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When it comes to performance cars like the C7 Corvette, weight plays a crucial role in determining its agility, handling, and overall driving characteristics. The C7 Corvette, particularly the Stingray model, has generated much interest among automotive enthusiasts, and one of the key factors contributing to its impressive performance is its weight.

The Weight of the C7 Corvette

The C7 Corvette comes in various trims and configurations, each with its own weight specifications. The curb weight of the C7 Corvette varies depending on factors such as the model, trim level, and optional equipment. However, the approximate curb weight of the C7 Corvette ranges from 3,298 pounds for the base model to around 3,560 pounds for the convertible variant.

Factors Affecting the Weight

Several factors contribute to the overall weight of the C7 Corvette:

  • Engine size and type
  • Material used in construction
  • Optional equipment and features
  • Body style (coupe or convertible)

Trim Levels and Weight Variations

Depending on the specific trim level, the weight of the C7 Corvette can vary. For example, the Z06 model, known for its high-performance capabilities, may have a slightly higher curb weight compared to the standard Stingray model due to additional performance-oriented components and features.

Impact of Weight on Performance

The weight of the C7 Corvette directly influences its performance on the road and track. A lighter car generally offers better acceleration, handling, and braking capabilities. With the C7 Corvette’s focus on high-speed performance and precise handling, the engineers at Chevrolet have worked to strike a balance between weight and structural rigidity to maximize overall driving dynamics.

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Comparison with Previous Models

When compared to its predecessors, such as the C6 Corvette, the C7’s weight has been managed effectively to enhance performance while incorporating modern safety and technology features. The C6 Z06, for instance, was renowned for its lightweight construction with a curb weight of approximately 3,298 pounds, making it one of the lightest Corvettes from its era.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How Much Does A C7 Corvette Weigh? Unveiling The Secrets

How Much Horsepower Does A C7 Corvette Have?

The C7 Corvette is equipped with a horsepower of 455.

How Much Does A C7 Zr1 Corvette Weigh?

The C7 ZR1 Corvette weighs 3,560 pounds, or 1,615 kilograms.

How Much Does A C6 Corvette Weight?

The C6 Corvette weighs approximately 3,298 pounds. This weight applies to various models of the Corvette.

What Is The Lightest Corvette?

The lightest Corvette is the C6 Z06, with a curb weight of 3298 lbs.


In conclusion, the approximate curb weight of the C7 Corvette ranges from 3,298 pounds for the base model to around 3,560 pounds for the convertible variant, with variations based on trim levels and optional features. The weight of the C7 Corvette is a critical aspect of its performance and showcases Chevrolet’s commitment to creating a world-class sports car.

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