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How Much Fluid Does a Th350 Hold: Find Out Now

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The TH350 transmission is a popular automatic transmission used in
various vehicles, especially those produced by General Motors. When it
comes to maintaining your TH350, ensuring that it has the correct amount
of transmission fluid is crucial for its performance and longevity.

However, determining the exact fluid capacity can be a bit challenging.
In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics and provide you with all
the necessary information you need to ensure your TH350 is properly
filled with transmission fluid.

Transmission Fluid Capacity for TH350

Understanding the correct amount of fluid your TH350 requires is
important for smooth operation. According to the resources from ATI
Performance, the transmission fluid capacity for the TH350 with a stock
pan is approximately 4 quarts. This is a critical piece of information to
ensure that you have the right amount of fluid to replenish or change in
your TH350 transmission.

Importance of Proper Fluid Levels

Adequate fluid levels are crucial for the efficient operation of the
TH350 transmission. Insufficient transmission fluid can lead to
overheating, increased wear and tear, and potential transmission
failure. On the other hand, overfilling the transmission with fluid can
also lead to issues such as foaming and leaks. Hence, it’s essential to
adhere to the recommended fluid capacity to maintain optimal performance
and durability of your TH350.

Checking and Refilling Transmission Fluid

To ensure that your TH350 has the correct amount of transmission fluid,
it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Use the
transmission dipstick to check the fluid level and quality regularly. If
the fluid is low or requires changing, it’s vital to replenish it with
the appropriate type and amount of transmission fluid.

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When refilling the transmission fluid, it’s advisable to add a small
amount at a time and then recheck the level using the dipstick. This
prevents overfilling and ensures the transmission has just the right
amount of fluid to operate optimally.

Frequently Asked Questions On How Much Fluid Does A Th350 Hold: Find Out Now

What Is The Transmission Fluid Capacity?

The transmission fluid capacity can vary, but for most domestic cars, it’s around 4 to 6 quarts.

Does The Transmission Fill The Torque Converter?

Yes, the transmission does fill the torque converter as it circulates fluid to provide power to the vehicle.

How Do You Check The Transmission Fluid On A Th350?

To check the transmission fluid on a TH350, park your car on a leveled surface, and with the engine running, pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean and reinsert it. Check the fluid level, which should be between the “Add” and “Full” marks. Top up if necessary.

How Much Horsepower Will A Th350 Handle?

The TH350 can handle up to 450 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. It is well-suited for most street and some performance applications.


In conclusion, maintaining the correct fluid level in your TH350
transmission is vital for its performance and longevity. With the
recommended transmission fluid capacity for the TH350 being approximately
4 quarts with a stock pan, it’s crucial to ensure that you adhere to
these specifications when checking or refilling the transmission fluid.
By doing so, you can help prevent potential transmission issues and
prolong the lifespan of your TH350 transmission.

Remember, always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and
recommendations for your specific vehicle to ensure you are using the
correct type and amount of transmission fluid for your TH350.

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