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What Does Theft Attempted Mean on a Car?

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“Theft attempted” on a car typically refers to an alert or notification indicating that there was an attempt to unlawfully enter or steal the vehicle. This could be triggered by various security features in the car, such as an alarm system, door sensors, or motion detectors, which detect unauthorized access or tampering.

When these systems perceive such an attempt, they may activate alarms, immobilize the vehicle, or notify the owner if the car is equipped with a connected vehicle service. The notification serves as a warning to the vehicle owner that someone may have tried to break into or steal their car, prompting them to check their vehicle for any signs of forced entry or damage and to take any necessary security measures.

Understanding “Theft Attempted” Alerts in Vehicles

When your car indicates a “theft attempted” alert, it’s signaling a crucial event that warrants immediate attention. This blog post dives into what triggers these alerts, the technology behind them, and the steps you should take upon receiving such a notification.

Introduction to Vehicle Security Systems

Modern vehicles are equipped with advanced security systems designed to deter theft and unauthorized access. These systems use a variety of sensors and technologies to monitor the vehicle’s status. When they detect unusual activity, such as an attempt to tamper with the locks or start the engine without a key, they can trigger a “theft attempted” alert.

Key Takeaways

  • “Theft attempted” indicates an attempt to unlawally enter or steal the vehicle.
  • Various security features like alarm systems and door sensors can trigger these alerts.
  • Upon receiving a “theft attempted” notification, it’s essential to inspect your vehicle for damage or signs of forced entry.
  • Advanced vehicle security systems not only deter theft but can also notify the owner in real-time of any unauthorized attempts.
  • Taking additional security measures and reporting the incident to the authorities can help prevent future attempts.
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How “Theft Attempted” Alerts are Triggered

Vehicle security systems are designed to detect and respond to a range of unauthorized activities, from simple tampering to sophisticated theft attempts.

Alarm Systems

Most vehicles come with alarm systems that sound when they detect attempts to open the doors, trunk, or hood without using the proper key or remote.

Door and Window Sensors

Sensors on doors and windows can detect when someone tries to force them open, triggering an alert.

Motion Detectors

Some vehicles are equipped with motion detectors inside the cabin, which can sense movements when the vehicle is locked and supposed to be unoccupied.


Vehicle immobilizers prevent the engine from starting without the correct key or fob, providing another layer of security against theft.

What to Do When You Receive a “Theft Attempted” Alert

Receiving a “theft attempted” alert can be alarming, but taking immediate and appropriate action can help mitigate any potential damage or loss.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Check your vehicle for any signs of forced entry, tampering, or damage. Look for marks on the locks, windows, or any other entry points.

Review Surveillance

If your vehicle was parked in an area covered by surveillance cameras, review the footage to see if the attempt was captured. This can provide valuable information for both you and the authorities.

Report to Authorities

Even if the theft attempt was unsuccessful, reporting it to the police can help them track and prevent future incidents in your area.

Enhance Security Measures

Consider upgrading your vehicle’s security system or adding additional anti-theft devices. Parking in well-lit, secure areas can also deter potential thieves.

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A “theft attempted” alert on your vehicle is a clear sign that someone tried to compromise its security. Understanding the technologies behind these alerts and knowing how to respond can significantly enhance the protection of your vehicle. Regularly checking your vehicle’s security features and staying vigilant can help prevent future attempts and ensure your vehicle remains safe.


How can I tell if my car has a “theft attempted” feature?

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual or consult with the manufacturer to understand the security features included with your vehicle.

Can a “theft attempted” alert be triggered by accident?

Yes, sensitive alarm systems can sometimes be triggered by strong vibrations, animals, or other non-theft-related activities. It’s essential to inspect the vehicle to determine the cause.

What additional security features can I add to my vehicle?

Consider installing a steering wheel lock, a vehicle tracking system, or a dash cam with motion sensors for added security.

Is it necessary to report a failed theft attempt?

Yes, reporting the attempt to the authorities can help them understand crime patterns in the area and possibly prevent future incidents.

How effective are car alarms in preventing theft?

While car alarms can deter casual thieves, determined individuals may still attempt to bypass them. Combining an alarm system with other security measures is the best approach.

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