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What Happened to Mustang Monthly Magazine?

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For decades, Mustang Monthly magazine stood as a beacon for Ford Mustang enthusiasts. Its glossy pages showcased the latest builds, restorations, tech tips, and tales from the vibrant world of this iconic muscle car. However, like much in today’s evolving media landscape, Mustang Monthly’s print journey has come to an end.

The Announcement

In December 2019, TEN Publishing (The Enthusiast Network), the magazine’s parent company, made the difficult announcement that Mustang Monthly, along with 19 other automotive titles, would cease production of their print editions. The shift towards a digital-first focus was cited as the primary reason.

A Changing Landscape

While the news was undoubtedly bittersweet, it didn’t come as a complete surprise. The rise of the internet has dramatically changed how people consume information. Online forums, websites, and social media platforms have created communities where enthusiasts can connect, share, and learn about their passions in real-time.

Print magazines, while still holding a certain nostalgic charm, face the challenge of competing with the immediacy and accessibility of the online world.

Mustang Monthly’s Legacy

Despite its print run ending, Mustang Monthly’s legacy isn’t forgotten. Decades of issues filled with detailed projects, historical insights, and stunning photography have inspired and informed countless Mustang owners. For many, these magazines were more than just paper and ink – they fostered a sense of community and a deep appreciation for the Mustang’s enduring spirit.

The Digital Future

While the print era may have ended, Mustang Monthly’s digital presence continues. Enthusiasts can still find content, articles, how-to guides, and news on the magazine’s website. Though the format has changed, the passion for Mustangs burns as brightly as ever.

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Paying Tribute

Whether you were a loyal subscriber from the first issue or recently discovered older issues at a swap meet, Mustang Monthly played a role in shaping the Mustang enthusiast community. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge its contributions to the automotive world and remember the countless hours of enjoyment it provided.


Though the end of Mustang Monthly’s print run marks the close of a significant chapter in automotive publishing, the passion for the Mustang and the community it fosters will undoubtedly persist. The magazine’s legacy reminds us of the power of shared passions and how a simple machine can bring so many people together.


1. Is Mustang Monthly completely gone?

No, Mustang Monthly continues to exist in a digital format. You can find their content on their website.

2. Why did the print magazine stop production?

The primary reason was the changing media landscape and a shift towards digital platforms.

3. Can I still find old issues of Mustang Monthly?

Yes, you might be able to find back issues through online retailers, used bookstores, or even at swap meets and car shows.

4. Are there other Mustang-focused magazines?

While Mustang Monthly was a prominent publication, there are other smaller, niche magazines dedicated to Mustangs that may still be in print.

5. How can I stay connected to the Mustang community online?

There are numerous websites, forums, and social media groups dedicated to Mustangs where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts, find information, and share your passion.

Dustin Babich

Dustin Babich

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