What Happens When You Neglect Limited Slip Additive?

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Not adding limited slip additive to your differential can cause excessive wear and tear on the gears, leading to costly repairs. Limited slip differentials require this additive to ensure proper lubrication and optimal performance.

Limited slip differentials are crucial components of high-performance vehicles and off-road vehicles. They improve traction, handling, and overall drivability. However, they require special care and maintenance to keep them functioning properly. One essential element in maintaining a limited slip differential is adding a limited slip additive to the gear oil.

Without this additive, the gears that engage and disengage during turns will experience more friction and wear, leading to damage and decreased performance. In this article, we will explore the importance of limited slip additive, its role in the performance of a limited slip differential, and what can happen if you neglect to add it.

Understanding Limited Slip Additive

A limited slip additive is a lubricant supplement. It enhances the performance of differential gears in vehicles. It helps in reducing the friction and helps the gears to rotate smoothly. Adding the slip additive improves traction. It evenly distributes the force to both wheels, preventing a wheel from spinning.

Limited slip additive is necessary for cars with front and rear limited slip differentials. It is used in off-road vehicles for better power transfer. The limited slip additive’s working mechanism involves modifying the lubricant behavior to behave like a solid material.

This generates friction in areas that need it, while allowing the tire adequate spin. Without a limited slip additive, the differential will not function correctly, especially in off-road applications. It is essential to utilise a high-quality limited-slip additive for optimal performance of the vehicle.

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Neglecting Limited Slip Additive: Causes And Consequences

Neglecting limited slip additive can cause severe problems. Over time, the gears and clutches of limited-slip differentials wear down. It can be due to extreme pressure and friction caused by excessive heat. These factors can lead to limited-slip adder failure due to the absence of lubrication.

Neglecting limited slip additive can result in strange noises coming from the rear end of your vehicle. When you hear clicking, grinding or knocking noises, it could be due to a failed differential. Replacing it can cost you more than just adding limited slip additive from the start.

Neglecting limited slip additive is not worth the risk.

Addressing Neglected Limited Slip Additive

Limited slip additive (lsa) is crucial in maintaining optimum resistivity and traction of limited slip differentials (lsd). Not adding lsa may lead to symptoms of lsa depletion, including a clanging noise and loss of vehicle’s torque distribution. To address neglected lsa, check for signs of depletion and replenish the additive in your front and rear lsds.

After the replenishment process, perform a test on the lsd to ensure it is functioning correctly. By taking these steps, you can keep your vehicle running smoothly and avoid any major issues that may cause you a headache.

Maintenance Of Limited Slip Additive

Limited slip additive is a crucial component in maintaining the functionality of a vehicle’s differential system. Manufacturer recommendations for limited slip additive maintenance vary, but it’s generally recommended to add it every time the differential oil is changed. The frequency of limited slip additive maintenance depends on the type and usage of the vehicle.

In terms of the types of limited slip additives, there are in-line and internal options. In-line additives require mixing with the differential oil, while internal additives are already present in the differential fluid. It’s important to follow manufacturer guidelines and choose the appropriate limited slip additive for your vehicle to ensure optimum performance and prevent potential damage to the differential system.

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Frequently Asked Questions Of What Happens If You Don T Add Limited Slip Additive

What Is Limited Slip Additive?

Limited slip additive is a supplement to the differential fluid that reduces wear and tear on the differential.

What Happens If You Don’T Add Limited Slip Additive?

Without the additive, the limited slip differential may not function properly, resulting in poor traction and handling.

Can I Substitute Limited Slip Additive With Something Else?

Using substitutes that are not specifically designed for limited slip differentials can cause damage to the differential and compromise traction and handling.


Not adding limited slip additive can have damaging consequences for your vehicle. The lack of this crucial lubricant can cause excessive wear and tear on your differential, resulting in costly repairs. Additionally, it can compromise the overall handling and performance of your car or truck.

It’s important to understand the type of differential your vehicle has and whether or not it requires limited slip additive. By incorporating it into your regular maintenance routine, you can avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your vehicle’s differential.

Remember, prevention is key when it comes to protecting your investment. Don’t risk the potential consequences of neglecting to add limited slip additive- it’s a simple and inexpensive solution that can save you from bigger problems down the road.

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