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What is a Galley Tank on an RV? Your Essential Guide

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The galley tank on an rv is a holding tank that collects and stores wastewater from the kitchen sink. Rv owners use this tank to hold grey water which can then be emptied at a designated dump station.

The galley tank is one of the essential tanks on an rv, which holds wastewater from the kitchen sinks. It is a holding tank that can store grey water, which comes from non-septic sources like dishwashing and handwashing. Rv owners often use the galley tank to hold wastewater until they can dispose of it properly.

It helps to reduce the amount of wastewater that goes into septic tanks or sewer systems and minimizes the risk of environmental pollution. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the galley tank in an rv, its purpose, and how rv owners can maintain it properly.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Is A Galley Tank On An Rv

What Is A Galley Tank In An Rv?

A galley tank is a smaller tank in an rv that holds wastewater from the kitchen sink.

How Does A Galley Tank Work?

When water runs down the kitchen sink drain, it goes into the galley tank, which stores it until it can be properly disposed of at a dumping station.

How Do You Empty A Galley Tank?

To empty a galley tank, first locate the designated dumping station at an rv park, then connect the hose from the station to the tank’s outlet valve, open the valve, and let the water drain out.


The galley tank in an rv is an important part of the waste management system that is often overlooked. It is a specialized tank that holds dirty water from the kitchen sink and dishwasher. The galley tank is part of the grey water system which is used to store and dispose of all the waste water generated from the rv, excluding the toilet water.

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Understanding how the galley tank works and its importance can help you better manage your rv’s waste water system. While it may seem like a small aspect of your rv, the galley tank is a vital part of the overall system.

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning of the galley tank can help avoid costly repairs and prevent unwanted smells from seeping into your rv. In the end, being knowledgeable about all aspects of your rv waste system can save you time and frustration later on.

So, make it a priority to learn more about your galley tank and other essential components of your rv’s waste system.

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