Unleashing Ford XTR Package: What’s Inside?

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The ford xtr package includes features like 18-inch aluminum wheels, a chrome grille and bumpers, and unique xtr box side decals. It is designed to enhance the style and functionality of select ford truck models.

Ford’s xtr package is an add-on package for select ford truck models that aims to enhance both the style and functionality of the vehicle. The package includes exclusive features like 18-inch aluminum wheels, a chrome grille and bumpers, and unique xtr box side decals.

Additionally, the xtr package also offers additional comfort and convenience features like power-adjustable pedals, reverse sensing system, and black power heated mirrors. Customers who purchase the xtr package also get the added benefit of a limited-slip axle and trailer tow package to help with towing and hauling. Overall, the ford xtr package is a great choice for truck enthusiasts who want a bold, eye-catching vehicle with added functionality.

Understanding Ford Xtr Package

The ford xtr package is a highly sought-after feature for those looking for a powerful and dependable truck. It is a reliable package specifically designed for off-road and rugged conditions. Ford xtr package includes an enhanced suspension system, high-performance tires, and a specially designed skid plate to protect your vehicle on rough terrains.

Moreover, ford xtr package offers additional features, such as a unique exterior styling package and special interior accents. This package differs from other packages as it provides everything you need for an enhanced off-road experience. Ford has been developing the xtr package for many years, conducting rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the highest industry standards.

The result is a package that is perfect for those seeking a rugged and durable truck that can handle any terrain with ease.

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Performance Features Of Ford Xtr Package

Ford xtr package includes a range of performance features that are designed to boost your driving experience. With this package, you get upgrades for both the engine and transmission. The tuning and suspension upgrades, in particular, offer significant benefits to the vehicle’s overall performance.

The engine upgrades provide more power while the transmission upgrades make gear changes smoother and faster. The suspension upgrades deliver a more dynamic drive with better handling and stability. The ford xtr package is an exciting option for those who want to push their vehicle to the limit.

Reviews on this package rave about the impressive gains it brings and how it elevates the driving experience. Upgrade your ford with ford xtr package and experience the thrill of driving like never before.

Appearance Upgrades In The Ford Xtr Package

The ford xtr package offers appearance upgrades for both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. The exterior gets a new grille, wheels, and tires, and the interior gets new upholstery and infotainment features. The package provides a before and after comparison of the upgrades, showcasing the improvements.

The xtr package is a great way to add style and value to your ford vehicle. With this package, you can customize your ride to be unique and appealing. It’s an ideal choice for people who want their vehicle to stand out in a crowd.

Make sure to inquire about the ford xtr package at your local dealership to see if it’s right for you.

Benefits Of The Ford Xtr Package

Ford xtr package is a must-have for those seeking increased power and torque. Expect improved handling and stability upon installation. You’ll also benefit from enhanced fuel efficiency and an upgraded luxurious look. The package is cost-effective in the long run, as you’ll save money on fuel consumption.

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Upgrading with this package is worth the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Is Included In Ford Xtr Package

What Does The Ford Xtr Package Include?

The ford xtr package includes unique bodywork, black accents, interior upgrades, and improved technology.

What Is The Difference Between Ford Xtr And Xlt?

The ford xlt offers more standard features, while the xtr offers unique styling and technology upgrades.

Is The Ford Xtr Package Worth It?

The ford xtr package is worth it for those looking to upgrade their truck’s appearance and technology.


Based on the information presented above, we can conclude that the ford xtr package is a comprehensive suite of features that adds significant value to your vehicle. With a focus on both aesthetics and functionality, the xtr package includes elements like unique badging, heavy-duty shocks and suspension, and a refined interior.

These features work together to create an experience that is smooth, comfortable, and stylish, while also providing enhanced towing and off-road capabilities. Whether you plan to use your vehicle for work or play, the xtr package provides the versatility to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

So, if you’re in the market for a new ford and want to upgrade your ride, consider opting for the xtr package – it’s a decision you won’t regret.

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