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What Jeeps Come With Lockers?

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Jeeps that come with lockers from the factory include the rubicon and mojave models. These jeeps are designed for off-road adventures and come equipped with advanced features to tackle challenging terrains.

If you are an off-road enthusiast looking for a jeep that can handle tough trails, you might be wondering which models come with lockers. Lockers are an essential feature for off-roading, as they improve traction and stability on uneven terrains.

Fortunately, jeep offers several models that come with lockers from the factory. The rubicon is one of the most popular options, with front and rear locking differentials that provide exceptional traction in challenging conditions. Another great option is the mojave, which comes with a rear locker and upgraded suspension for improved performance on sand dunes and other desert terrains. Overall, jeep offers a range of options for off-road enthusiasts who want a jeep with lockers.

Understanding Locking Differentials In Jeeps

Lockers in jeeps are important for off-roading, providing maximum traction on uneven terrain. Locking differentials come in several types, including automatic, selectable and manual. In automatic lockers, torque is split evenly between wheels. While in selectable lockers, the driver has control over when the locker is engaged.

Manual lockers require the driver to stop and lock manually. The mechanism in lockers involves a spring and lever system, allowing the wheels to lock together. Understanding the locking differential options available is essential for any jeep enthusiast planning on off-roading.

Jeeps That Come With Factory-Fitted Lockers

Jeeps that come with factory-fitted lockers jeeps have become an evergreen favorite as off-road vehicles for adventure enthusiasts. The increase in demands for jeeps has resulted in advanced features being added to keep up with the ever-evolving customer needs. One such feature is factory-fitted lockers, which can enhance the overall performance of a jeep.

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This introduction explains the benefits of having factory-fitted lockers in a jeep. There are several models of jeeps out there, and it can be tough figuring out which ones come with lockers installed. Thus, we present a list of jeeps that come with factory-fitted lockers.

Each model has its pros and cons, and we’ve also made a comparison of lockers in different jeep models. With this information, you can decide which one will best suit your off-road needs.

Jeeps That Can Be Modified To Feature Locking Differentials

Locking differentials are a popular modification among jeep owners looking to enhance their off-roading capabilities. The process of installing a locking differential involves fitting a device between the axles that causes them to rotate at the same speed. This improves traction on uneven terrain and prevents wheels from spinning.

Aftermarket locking differential brands such as arb, eaton, and detroit locker are among the most popular choices for jeep owners. Upgrading your jeep’s differential can be a step-by-step process that involves disassembling the old differential, removing the carrier, installing the new differential, and reassembling the carrier.

Choosing The Best Locking Differential For Your Jeep

Locking differentials can make all the difference when driving off-road with a jeep. When choosing the best one for your jeep, there are a few factors to consider. One of the biggest decisions is whether to choose an automatic locker or a selectable locker.

Automatic lockers engage the wheels automatically while the selectable locker allows the driver to control when the wheels are engaged. It’s important to also consider the differential gear ratio, which affects off-roading capability. Lastly, budget-friendly options include lunchbox lockers and mini-spools.

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As you make your decision, keep in mind your specific off-roading needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Jeeps Come With Lockers

Which Jeep Models Come With Lockers?

Some jeep models with lockers are wrangler rubicon, gladiator rubicon, and cherokee trailhawk.

What Are Lockers And Why Do I Need Them On My Jeep?

Lockers help distribute power to all wheels, providing better traction and control in off-road conditions.

Can I Add Lockers To My Jeep After Purchase?

Yes, you can upgrade your jeep with aftermarket lockers, but it’s recommended to have a professional install them.


Jeep enthusiasts and off-road enthusiasts alike search for the best options when it comes to exploring challenging terrains. One way to increase their chances of success is by equipping their jeep with lockers. Locking differentials, or lockers, can offer better traction and provide better control of the wheels.

Understanding the different types of lockers and which jeeps come equipped with them can help enthusiasts make more informed decisions. From the popular wrangler rubicon to the classic cherokee xj, a variety of jeep models offer lockers as an option or standard feature.

As with any modification or upgrade, it’s important to do proper research, consult with experts and follow proper installation guidelines. With the right tools and knowledge, adventurers can enjoy a safer and more thrilling off-road experience in their locker-equipped jeep.

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