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What Year Explorer Has GT40 Heads? Unleashing the Performance Power!

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The year explorer equipped with gt40 heads is 1993. in 1993, ford explorer came equipped with gt40 heads and quickly became a top choice for adventure-seeking individuals and families. The explorer’s ruggedness, durability, and power made it an instant favorite, offering a blend of off-road capability and comfort.

The gt40 heads were a popular upgrade among ford enthusiasts due to their ability to enhance engine performance and efficiency. They’re designed to reduce resistance to airflow as it enters the engine, which results in more fuel combustion and greater horsepower.

Today, 1993 ford explorers with gt40 heads are highly sought after, with collectors and enthusiasts appreciating their unique blend of power, style, and adventure-ready capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Year Explorer Has Gt40 Heads

What Years Did Explorer Come With Gt40 Heads?

Explorer from 1993 to 1995 came with gt40 heads.

How Can You Tell If An Explorer Has Gt40 Heads?

You can look for a specific number in the casting. The number is “f3ze”.

Are All Explorer 5.0 Engines Gt40?

No, only some explorer engines from 1993-1997 had gt40 heads, and it was an optional upgrade.


After exploring the history and specifications of the gt40 heads, it is evident that a few year models of the ford explorer were equipped with these powerful components. The gt40 heads offer improved performance and efficiency to the overall engine and can provide a thrilling driving experience.

However, it is important to note that the installation of gt40 heads requires special attention and proper tuning to ensure optimal results. Owners of ford explorers with these heads can proudly enjoy the benefits of increased power and torque that come with the engineering marvels of the gt40 heads.

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Despite being a major upgrade, the gt40 heads are just an aspect that contributes to a vehicle’s performance. Owners should always adhere to proper maintenance procedures and seek professional advice if ever in doubt. The gt40 heads may be impressive, but they are just one part of a whole system that can offer an incredible driving experience.

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