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Where Do i Connect The Parking Brake Wire?

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When connecting the parking brake wire, especially in the context of installing a new car stereo or a DVD player, it’s important to follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of your device. However, I can offer you a general guideline on how this is typically done.

Introduction to Connecting the Parking Brake Wire

The parking brake wire is a safety feature that prevents the viewing of video content on in-car entertainment systems while the vehicle is in motion. Connecting this wire correctly is crucial for the functionality of your device and for ensuring safe driving practices.

Understanding the Parking Brake Wire

Identifying the Parking Brake Wire

The parking brake wire is usually labeled and can often be found as part of the wiring harness of your new stereo or DVD player. It’s commonly color-coded as light green, but you should verify this with your device’s wiring diagram.

The Role of the Parking Brake Wire

This wire needs to be connected to the parking brake system to signal the stereo or DVD player that the vehicle is parked. This connection allows the playback of video content only when the parking brake is engaged, adhering to safety regulations.

Steps for Connecting the Parking Brake Wire

Locate the Parking Brake Switch

The parking brake switch is typically located near the parking brake itself. In many vehicles, this switch is found under the dash and is activated when the parking brake lever is engaged.

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Connecting to the Parking Brake Switch

  • Direct Connection: The most straightforward method is to connect the parking brake wire directly to the switch. This involves attaching the wire to the proper terminal on the parking brake switch, which might require some basic wiring skills and tools.
  • Using a Relay: In some installations, particularly if the system requires a different signal (like needing to see the switch open and close), a relay may be necessary to properly interface the parking brake wire with the system.

Testing the Connection

After making the connection, it’s important to test the system to ensure that video content is only available when the parking brake is engaged. This can usually be done by trying to access video content with the parking brake both engaged and disengaged.

Safety and Legal Considerations

It’s crucial to understand that bypassing the parking brake wire’s safety feature is not only dangerous but also illegal in many areas. Always ensure that video content is only viewable when it is safe and legal to do so.


Connecting the parking brake wire is an important step in installing any in-car entertainment system that includes video playback. By carefully following the device’s instructions and adhering to safety guidelines, you can ensure a successful installation that complies with legal standards.


Can I bypass the parking brake wire connection for constant video playback?

While technically possible in many cases, bypassing the parking brake feature is unsafe and illegal in many jurisdictions. It’s strongly advised to connect the wire as intended for safety.

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What if my parking brake wire doesn’t match the color code mentioned?

Always refer to the wiring diagram of your specific device and vehicle to ensure proper connection, as color codes can vary.

Can I install a new entertainment system without connecting the parking brake wire?

Failing to connect the parking brake wire can disable certain features of your system, particularly video playback, to comply with safety regulations.

What tools do I need to connect the parking brake wire?

Typically, you might need wire strippers, crimpers, and electrical tape or butt connectors to make secure and insulated connections.

Is it necessary to disconnect the battery before working on the parking brake wire?

For safety, it’s generally a good practice to disconnect the vehicle’s battery before performing any electrical work to avoid short circuits or other electrical issues.

Can a professional installer handle the parking brake wire connection?

Yes, if you’re unsure about making the connection yourself, a professional installer can ensure it’s done safely and correctly, adhering to all regulations.

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