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Where is The Capless Funnel Adapter Located?

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In vehicles equipped with a capless fuel filler system, a capless funnel adapter is often provided to facilitate the addition of fuel from a portable container, such as a gas can, or to assist in the use of fuel additives. The location of the capless funnel adapter can vary depending on the vehicle model and manufacturer, but here are some common places where you might find it:

In the Trunk or Cargo Area

  • Spare Tire Compartment: Often, the capless funnel adapter is stored in the spare tire compartment underneath the trunk floor or in a side compartment within the trunk or cargo area.
  • Side Panels: Some vehicles might have it tucked into the side panels of the trunk or cargo area, possibly in a small niche or holder designed for the adapter.

Under the Hood

In fewer cases, the adapter might be located under the hood, possibly clipped to the side walls or near other tools and accessories provided by the manufacturer.

With the Jack or Tool Kit

Jack Storage Area: Vehicles often have a specific area where the jack and tool kit are stored. The capless funnel adapter might be stored with these tools, especially if there’s no designated spot in the trunk.

Glove Compartment or Under Seats

While less common, some manufacturers might place the capless funnel adapter in the glove compartment or under the passenger or driver’s seat for easy access.

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Consult Your Vehicle’s Manual

For the most accurate information, it’s best to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual. The manual should provide details on the location of the capless funnel adapter and instructions on how to use it properly.

Tips for Using the Capless Funnel Adapter

  • Proper Insertion: Ensure the adapter is fully inserted into the filler neck to open the internal valve, allowing fuel or additives to be added without spillage.
  • After Use: After using the adapter, make sure to clean it if necessary and return it to its designated storage spot in your vehicle.


The capless funnel adapter is a useful tool for vehicles with a capless fuel system, allowing for easy refueling from a gas can or the addition of fuel additives. Its storage location can vary, so checking the trunk, under the hood, or consulting the owner’s manual is advisable to find the specific location in your vehicle.


Do all vehicles with capless fuel systems come with a funnel adapter?

Most vehicles with a capless fuel system include a funnel adapter, but if you’re missing one, you can obtain a replacement from a dealership or auto parts store.

Can I use a regular funnel instead of the capless funnel adapter?

It’s recommended to use the capless funnel adapter designed for your vehicle’s fuel system to ensure a proper fit and prevent damage to the fuel filler neck or spillage.

What should I do if I lose my capless funnel adapter?

If you lose the adapter, you can purchase a replacement from a dealership or an authorized auto parts retailer that stocks accessories compatible with your vehicle’s make and model.

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Is it safe to store the capless funnel adapter in the vehicle after use?

Yes, it’s safe to store the adapter in your vehicle as long as it’s clean and properly stored in its designated spot to prevent it from rolling around or causing clutter.

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