Where is The Remote Start Module Located?

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Remote start systems have become increasingly popular in modern vehicles, offering the convenience of starting your car from a distance to warm it up in winter or cool it down in summer. At the core of this system is the remote start module, a crucial component that receives signals from your remote fob to start the engine. In this guide, we’ll discuss the common locations for the remote start module in vehicles and highlight its importance for the functionality of the remote start system.

Short Answer: The remote start module in a vehicle is typically located under the dashboard near the steering column or in the engine compartment. However, the exact placement can vary significantly depending on the vehicle’s make and model, and whether the remote start system is factory-installed or an aftermarket addition.


Remote start systems enhance the comfort and convenience of your driving experience, allowing you to start your vehicle remotely to precondition the interior temperature and system. The remote start module plays a pivotal role in this system, interfacing between the vehicle’s electronic systems and the remote control. Understanding where this module is located is essential for troubleshooting, upgrades, or understanding how your vehicle’s remote start system functions.

Key Takeaways:

  • The remote start module is central to the vehicle’s remote start system.
  • It can be located under the dashboard, near the steering column, or in the engine compartment.
  • The location might differ for factory-installed systems versus aftermarket systems.

Common Locations for the Remote Start Module

Many vehicles have the remote start module installed under the dashboard, particularly near the steering column. This location offers proximity to the vehicle’s ignition wiring, which is necessary for the module to interface with the vehicle’s starting mechanism.

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In the Engine Compartment

In some cases, especially in vehicles with factory-installed remote start systems, the module may be located in the engine compartment. This placement can offer easier integration with the vehicle’s existing electronic systems and a more direct connection to the engine control unit (ECU).

Aftermarket Installations

For aftermarket remote start systems, the module’s location can vary more widely as it depends on the specific system being installed and the preferences of the installer. Common locations still include under the dashboard or near the fuse box for ease of wiring and accessibility.

The Importance of the Remote Start Module

The remote start module is not just a convenience feature; it’s a sophisticated piece of technology that ensures your vehicle starts safely and efficiently without you being physically present. It communicates with various systems within the vehicle, including security, ignition, and sometimes climate control, to start the vehicle remotely while maintaining security protocols.


The remote start module is a key component of your vehicle’s remote start system, allowing for the luxury of starting your vehicle remotely. Whether your system is factory-installed or aftermarket, knowing the module’s location can be beneficial for maintenance, troubleshooting, or upgrades. For exact locations and installation details, consulting the vehicle’s manual or a professional technician is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I install an aftermarket remote start system myself?

A: While it’s possible for those with technical expertise, installing an aftermarket remote start system can be complex due to the need to interface with various vehicle systems. Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper function and to avoid potential damage to your vehicle’s electrical system.

Q: Does using the remote start affect my vehicle’s security?

A: No, modern remote start systems are designed with vehicle security in mind. The vehicle remains locked while running, and the system typically requires the key to be present or the ignition to be engaged before the vehicle can be driven.

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Q: How far away can I be to use the remote start?

A: The range can vary depending on the system and environmental factors, but most remote start systems work from at least a few hundred feet away. Some advanced systems, especially those integrated with smartphone apps, can operate over much greater distances.

Q: Can remote start cause wear on my engine?

A: No, using remote start properly should not cause additional wear on your engine. In fact, it can be beneficial by allowing the engine to warm up and circulate oil before driving, especially in cold weather.

Q: Can I add a remote start system to an older vehicle?

A: Yes, aftermarket remote start systems can be installed in most vehicles, including older models. However, the installation complexity and functionality might vary based on the vehicle’s existing electronic systems and architecture.

Q: What should I do if my remote start isn’t working?

A: If your remote start system isn’t functioning, check the basics first, like the remote battery and the vehicle’s battery. If these aren’t the issue, the problem could be with the remote start module or another component of the system, requiring professional diagnostics.

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