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Masterpro gear oil is manufactured by valvoline. Valvoline is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium motor oils, lubricants, and automotive services.

They have been in the business since 1866 and have built a reputation for high-quality products worldwide. Masterpro gear oil is known for its advanced formula that provides superior protection and performance for a range of vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, suvs, and passenger cars.

Valvoline’s masterpro gear oil is formulated with premium base oils and advanced additive technology, providing excellent wear protection and extending gear and bearing life. This article covers everything you need to know about masterpro gear oil, including its benefits, applications, and compatibility.


Gear oil is a type of lubricant used in various types of machinery and vehicles. Its primary purpose is to reduce friction between moving parts and protect against wear and tear. Masterpro gear oil is a popular brand of gear oil known for its high performance and durability.

The product is made by a team of experts who have years of experience in the industry. Masterpro gear oil stands out from other brands due to its innovative formula that ensures maximum protection and performance. This gear oil is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including automotive, industrial, and marine settings.

When it comes to choosing a reliable and effective gear oil, masterpro is a top choice for professionals and diy enthusiasts alike.

History Of Masterpro Gear Oil

Masterpro gear oil is an established brand that provides gear oils for various vehicles and equipment. The brand was created in the mid-1980s with the aim of offering high-quality lubricants to the market. Over the years, masterpro has expanded its product offering to include a range of gear oils for different applications.

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In addition to their product offerings, the brand has also invested heavily in technological advancements to ensure that they continue to provide innovative and efficient lubrication solutions to their customers. Today, masterpro gear oil is recognized globally as a leading brand in the lubrication industry, serving industries such as automotive, agriculture, and construction.

Why Choose Masterpro Gear Oil?

Masterpro gear oil is a preferred choice for its outstanding performance and quality. The advantages of using this oil include greater fuel efficiency, longer gear life, reduced wear and tear and smoother shifts. Users have provided positive feedback on its effectiveness.

When compared to other brands, masterpro gear oil emerges as a clear winner in terms of performance and durability. Its unique formula resists high temperatures and breakdown, preserving the integrity of gears. The oil contains anti-wear agents, protecting gears against corrosion and rusting.

With its superior properties, it is easy to see why masterpro gear oil is a trusted choice for anyone seeking quality transmission gear oil.

Masterpro Gear Oil Variants

Masterpro is a popular brand that offers a comprehensive range of gear oils with various specifications and compatibility. Their products are ideal for a wide range of applications, including heavy-duty trucks and industrial machinery. Whether you need gear oil for a manual or automatic transmission, masterpro has the right product for you.

They offer variants that cater to different needs, such as long-drain intervals or extreme pressure protection. Plus, their gear oils are specially formulated to meet high standards for wear protection, oxidation stability and shear stability. So if you’re looking for a reliable brand for your gear oil needs, masterpro is definitely worth considering.

Masterpro Gear Oil Manufacturing Process

Masterpro gear oil is a product of a careful manufacturing process. Quality assurance is prioritized to ensure consistent excellence. The process involves blending and testing of additive packages. The oil is formulated according to strict industry standards, which guarantee performance.

Then, the product is packaged using high-tech equipment. Each container label shows batch dates to ensure control. Lastly, the product goes through rigorous checks before distribution. These checks require samples to pass set benchmarks. You can trust masterpro gear oil, knowing every bottle consistently delivers the same exceptional quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Who Makes Masterpro Gear Oil

Who Manufactures Masterpro Gear Oil?

Masterpro gear oil is manufactured by valvoline, an american brand of automotive fluids.

Can I Use Masterpro Gear Oil For My Manual Transmission?

Yes, masterpro gear oil is suitable for use in both manual and automatic transmissions.

Does Masterpro Gear Oil Provide Any Benefits Over Other Gear Oils?

Masterpro gear oil is engineered with advanced additives for maximum protection, improved performance, and longer lifespan.


After poring over all the available information, it is clear that masterpro gear oil is a top-performing lubricant for high-performance vehicles. The company behind the brand, o’reilly auto parts, has a solid reputation for delivering high-quality automotive products, and they have spared no effort in ensuring that masterpro gear oil lives up to that standard.

The unique blend of premium base oils and advanced additives used in the formulation of masterpro gear oil guarantees excellent performance, outstanding protection, and enhanced fuel efficiency. With the increasing demands of today’s high-performance vehicles, it is crucial to use a gear oil that can handle extreme temperatures, high speeds, and heavy loads.

Masterpro gear oil ticks all the boxes and ensures that your vehicle’s drivetrain is running in tip-top condition. So, if you want to give your vehicle’s drivetrain the best care, go for masterpro gear oil from o’reilly auto parts.

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