Will Spacers Prevent Tire Rubbing: The Ultimate Solution

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Yes, spacers can prevent tires from rubbing against the vehicle’s components. Spacers provide additional clearance between the tire and the car, reducing the likelihood of rubbing.

Tire rubbing can occur when there is not enough clearance between the tire and the vehicle’s components, leading to potential damage and safety hazards. By installing spacers, you create extra space, ensuring that the tires do not come into contact with any parts of the car.

This can be useful for vehicles with larger tires or modified suspensions, where rubbing may be a common issue. Properly fitting spacers can help maintain optimal performance and prevent damage, making them a practical solution for addressing tire rubbing concerns.

What Are Spacers

Spacers are used to increase the space between the tires and the wheel hub assembly, but they will not prevent tires from rubbing against other parts of the vehicle. Installing spacers can provide a wider stance for aesthetics or to accommodate larger tires, but proper fitment is crucial to avoid rubbing issues.

Definition: Spacers are aftermarket parts placed between the wheel and hub assembly. Purpose: They push the wheel further out to prevent rubbing against the fender.
Types of spacers: – Hub-centric spacers: Ensure proper alignment by fitting snugly on hub. – Lug-centric spacers: Held in place by the lug bolts securing the wheel. – Adhesive spacers: Temporary solution using adhesive material for mounting. – Bolt-on spacers: Secured using extended studs for enhanced stability.

Causes Of Tire Rubbing

Tire rubbing can occur when there are certain suspension modifications or when the wheel offset and size are not appropriate for the vehicle.

Suspension modifications such as lowering the vehicle or installing larger wheels can lead to tire rubbing. When the suspension is altered, the original geometry may change, causing the tires to come into contact with other parts of the vehicle.

Wheel offset refers to the distance between the mounting surface of the wheel and the centerline. If the offset is incorrect, the wheels may be positioned too far inward or outward, causing the tires to rub against the vehicle’s body or suspension components.

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Wheel size also plays a role in tire rubbing. If oversized wheels are installed without proper clearance, they may interfere with the fenders or suspension, resulting in rubbing.

To prevent tire rubbing, it is essential to consider suspension modifications carefully and ensure that the wheel offset and size are appropriate for the vehicle. Consulting with a professional or doing thorough research can help avoid this issue.

How Spacers Work

Using spacers can help prevent tire rubbing by adjusting the wheel position. This impacts the vehicle’s handling by widening the track width. Spacers create more clearance between the tire and other components. They are installed between the wheel and the hub.

Considerations Before Using Spacers

In the automobile world, spacers are often considered as a solution to prevent tire rubbing. However, before opting for spacers, it is essential to take into account a few important factors. One of the significant considerations is how spacers may affect the warranty of your vehicle. Installing spacers may void the warranty provided by the manufacturer, as it alters the original configuration of the car. It is crucial to thoroughly review the warranty documentation or consult with the dealership to understand the implications.

Legal regulations also play a role when it comes to using spacers. Certain countries or states have specific laws regarding the use of spacers and their maximum thickness allowed. Familiarize yourself with these regulations to ensure compliance and avoid any potential legal issues.

Benefits Of Using Spacers

Spacers provide several benefits to your vehicle, including improved aesthetics and a wider wheel track. When tires rub against the inner wheel well or suspension components, it can lead to premature wearing of the tires and decrease the overall performance of your vehicle. By adding spacers, you create more clearance between the tire and these areas, preventing rubbing and minimizing the risk of damage. This is especially beneficial if you have upgraded your wheels or installed larger tires, as the extra space provided by spacers ensures a proper fit. Additionally, spacers can enhance the appearance of your vehicle by pushing the wheels outwards, giving it a more aggressive stance. Overall, using spacers is an effective solution to avoid tire rubbing and improve the look of your vehicle.

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Risks And Limitations

Spacers can help prevent tires from rubbing, but they have risks and limitations. Using spacers may put stress on components and increase load on wheel bearings.

Frequently Asked Questions On Will Spacers Keep Tires From Rubbing

How Do I Stop My Tires From Rubbing?

To stop tires from rubbing, adjust the alignment, install wheel spacers, or use smaller sized tires for clearance.

What Are The Cons Of Tire Spacers?

Tire spacers can cause wheel misalignment, leading to increased wear on suspension components. They may also affect the vehicle’s handling and stability, especially at high speeds. Additionally, using spacers may void the car’s warranty and potentially lead to legal issues.

Regular maintenance is crucial.

Is It Safe To Use Spacers On Wheels?

Yes, it is safe to use spacers on wheels if installed properly by a professional. Spacers can help improve handling and stability by adjusting the wheel’s offset. However, it’s important to ensure that the spacers are the right size and compatible with the vehicle’s specifications.

Why Do People Use Tire Spacers?

Tire spacers are used to create clearance between the tire and the vehicle’s body, enhancing aesthetics and allowing for fitting of larger tires.

Will Spacers Prevent Tires From Rubbing With The Fender Wells?

Yes, wheel spacers effectively increase the offset, creating more clearance for the tires, preventing rubbing.


Spacers can help prevent tire rubbing issues and improve vehicle performance. Proper installation is key for optimal results. Consider consulting a professional to determine the right spacers for your vehicle. Keeping your tires in top condition ensures a smooth and safe driving experience.

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