Fel Pro 1205 Vs 1206: Which gasket set is the best?

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The fel pro 1205 and 1206 gaskets are almost identical with minor differences in the 1206 having a slightly smaller bore. These gaskets have been designed for a specific engine and application, so it’s essential to choose the correct fel pro gasket according to your engine’s specifications.

Fel pro is one of the top manufacturers of sealing gaskets for automotive parts, from head gaskets to oil pan gaskets. When it comes to the fel pro 1205 and 1206 gaskets, these are among their most popular types. Both types are designed to seal the engine block and head, preventing any leakage of gases, lubricants, or coolant from escaping.

However, they are slightly different. The fel pro 1205 has a bore diameter of 4. 166” and is made for small-block chevrolet v8 engine applications. The fel pro 1206, on the other hand, has a bore diameter of 4. 060” and is designed for small-block chevy v8 engines with a smaller bore. Let’s dive deeper into the features, pros, and cons of both gaskets.

Fel Pro 1205 Gasket Set

Fel pro 1205 gasket set is a premium quality product. The set includes all necessary gaskets needed for engine rebuilding. Made with top-grade materials, the fel pro 1205 provides an excellent seal and prevents leaks. Compared to other gasket sets, such as the fel pro 1206, the 1205 has a superior fit and compatibility with certain engine models.

The advantage of using the fel pro 1205 gasket set is that it offers a reliable and durable seal, and prevents any oil or coolant leakage. Its high-quality material ensures that it can withstand extreme temperature and pressure. The fel pro 1205 gasket set is a popular choice among car enthusiasts and mechanics who require premium quality gaskets for their engine rebuilding projects.

Fel Pro 1206 Gasket Set

Fel pro 1206 gasket set is a premium-quality product designed to provide an excellent seal and long-lasting performance for your engine. The set contains all the necessary gaskets and seals required for the engine rebuilding process. Fel pro 1206 is the ideal choice for engine builders who want the best possible seal and protection for their engine.

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Compared to other gasket sets, fel pro 1206 provides superior sealing performance, which translates to reduced oil consumption and better engine performance. The set is easy to install and guarantees a perfect fit every time. The advantages of using fel pro 1206 gasket set include its high-quality materials, excellent compatibility, and durability.

With fel pro 1206, you can be sure of getting the best possible gasket set for your engine.

Differences Between Fel Pro 1205 And Fel Pro 1206

Fel pro 1205 and fel pro 1206 gasket materials are different. Fel pro 1205 is made of a composite material, which is asbestos-free. This type of material helps to seal engines and prevent leaks. On the other hand, fel pro 1206 is made of a graphite composite that provides better heat resistance and compression.

Regarding performance and durability, fel pro 1206 is the winner. However, the price of fel pro 1205 is more affordable than fel pro 1206, which is costly. Both gaskets can be applied to specific engine types. In general, fel pro 1205 is ideal for old cars, while fel pro 1206 is perfect for high-performance engines.

Which Gasket Set Is The Best?

Choosing the right gasket set for your engine is crucial. When it comes to fel pro, the 1205 and 1206 sets are popular choices. To determine the best option, factor in customer feedback. Look for a gasket set that fits your specific engine type.

Fel pro 1205 is great for older engines, while 1206 is perfect for newer models. Don’t go solely on price, as the cheaper set may not be the better option. Always consider the quality and durability of the gasket set.

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Remember, a good gasket set can prevent oil leaks and ensure your engine runs smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions On Fel Pro 1205 Vs 1206

What Are The Differences Between Fel Pro 1205 And 1206?

Fel pro 1205 and 1206 differ in their application. They have different gasket thicknesses and bore sizes.

Can I Use Fel Pro 1206 Instead Of Fel Pro 1205?

No, fel pro 1206 is not a substitute for fel pro 1205. They serve different purposes and have different specifications.

Which Gasket Is Suitable For High Compression Engines?

Fel pro 1205 is recommended for high compression engines, while fel pro 1206 is ideal for low compression engines.


After a thorough review and comparison of the fel-pro 1205 and 1206 gasket kits, it is apparent that both products have their unique benefits and drawbacks. The fel-pro 1205 has a reputation for being the go-to option for high-performance engines due to its compatibility with different types of engines and its ability to withstand high temperatures.

On the other hand, the fel-pro 1206 is well-suited for smaller engines and less severe driving conditions, yet it still delivers a solid performance. Ultimately, your choice of the fel-pro gasket kit should depend on your engine’s specific needs and your driving conditions.

Beyond the technical comparisons, we must talk about the impact of using quality gaskets on your engine’s performance and how it can safeguard your vehicle against damage in the long run. Using poor quality gaskets can result in overheating, oil leaks, and engine failure.

Therefore, fel-pro gasket kits are undoubtedly a safe and reliable choice to ensure optimal engine functioning and longevity.

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