Get the Best Traction: General Altimax Rt45 Vs Rt43 Comparison

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General altimax rt45 and rt43 are both all-season tires. The rt45 is an improved version of the rt43 with better performance and comfort.

General altimax rt45 and rt43 are two popular all-season tires in the market. These tires share many similarities, but the rt45 model is considered an upgraded version of the rt43 with better handling and comfort. Both tires use symmetric tread patterns and provide excellent traction on dry and wet roads.

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Check the best price for General AltiMAX RT45.

They also have sipes that offer grip on snowy and icy surfaces. Additionally, the rt45 has a more significant number of biting edges and a new rubber compound that enhances grip, especially in cold weather. In comparison, the rt43 has a longer tread life and is more fuel-efficient. Overall, both tires are reliable and affordable, making them a suitable option for drivers who want a quality tire that can handle any season.

Overview Of General Altimax Rt45 And Rt43 Tires

FeatureGeneral Altimax RT43General Altimax RT45
Tire TypeAll-SeasonAll-Season
Tread DesignSymmetricAsymmetric
Tread Depth12/32″12/32″
Tread PatternFour circumferential grooves, multiple sipesFive rib asymmetric tread pattern with wide circumferential grooves
Performance CategoryStandard TouringGrand Touring
Handling and SteeringGoodImproved
Wet TractionVery GoodExcellent
Dry TractionGoodExcellent
Snow TractionGoodGood (with 3D sipes)
Ice TractionFairGood (with 3D sipes)
Ride ComfortGoodExcellent
Noise LevelQuietVery Quiet
Tread Life WarrantyUp to 75,000 milesUp to 75,000 miles
Speed RatingsT, H, VT, H, V, W
Load Index Range75 – 9875 – 103
Available Sizes14″ – 18″15″ – 20″

General altimax rt45 and rt43 tires are both designed for all-season use, but they have some differences in their features that make them unique. The rt45 has a v-shaped tread pattern that improves its all-season traction and handling capabilities. It also features a tritech compound that provides additional biting edges for better grip.

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On the other hand, the rt43 has an asymmetric tread design that enhances its overall performance. Its construction is designed to increase its durability, making it a good choice for long-lasting use. Both tires perform well on both wet and dry roads and provide a smooth ride.

In terms of choosing between the two, it ultimately comes down to what kind of driving conditions you will most often encounter.

Traction And Handling: General Altimax Rt45 Vs Rt43

The general altimax rt45 and rt43 are two all-season tires with a similar design. The rt45 has a more modern look with deeper grooves, while the rt43 has a more traditional pattern. Both tires provide excellent traction on wet and dry roads.

The rt45 has better handling and cornering, giving drivers a more comfortable ride. However, the rt43 is quieter on the road, reducing noise pollution. When it comes to choosing between the two, it depends on the driver’s priorities. If you prioritize handling and traction, go for the rt45.

If you prioritize comfort and reduced noise, choose the rt43. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Comparison Of Prices, Sizes, And Warranty

General altimax rt45 and rt43 both come in different price ranges and offers. Availability of sizes is dependent on the tire shop or manufacturer. The former has a treadwear warranty of up to 96,000 km while the latter has a rating of 100,000 km.

The manufacturer’s warranty on both tires varies depending on the country, but typically ranges between 65,000 to 100,000 km or 5-6 years. It’s important to consider these factors when making a purchasing decision.

Real-World Testing Results And Customer Reviews

General altimax rt45 and rt43 are both popular tire models that offer superior performance on the road. However, to determine which one is better, we need to look at real-world testing results and customer reviews. Independent test results show that the rt45 performs slightly better in wet conditions, while the rt43 offers better dry traction.

Customer feedback is also mixed, with some praising the rt45’s grip and ride comfort, and others preferring the rt43’s durability and low road noise. When it comes to pros and cons, the rt45 has better stopping power and wet braking, but is slightly more expensive than the rt43.

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In contrast, the rt43 is more affordable, but doesn’t offer the same level of wet performance as the rt45. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and driving needs.

Conclusion: Which One To Choose?

When choosing between general altimax rt45 and rt43, there are a few factors to consider. The rt45 is better for wet and dry surface, but it lacks the snow and ice traction that the rt43 has. If you live in an area with harsh winters, the rt43 may be a better choice.

However, if you live in a warmer climate without much snow or ice, the rt45 could be the right tire for you. Ultimately, it depends on your driving needs and local climate. In terms of our final verdict, both tires are high-quality options and will provide good performance.

We recommend considering your specific needs before making a decision and taking the next steps to purchase the best tire for you.

Frequently Asked Questions For General Altimax Rt45 Vs Rt43

What Is The Difference Between General Altimax Rt45 And Rt43?

The rt45 has longer tread life and better wet traction, while the rt43 has superior snow and ice capabilities.

Are General Altimax Rt45 Tires Good For Highway Driving?

Yes, the rt45 is designed for touring and highway driving with its comfortable and quiet ride.

How Long Do General Altimax Rt43 Tires Last?

The rt43 has a longer treadwear expectancy and can last up to 75,000 miles, depending on driving conditions.


After comparing general altimax rt45 vs rt43, it becomes clear that both tires have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Altimax rt45 offers superior wet traction and a softer ride, while the rt43 has a longer tread life and provides better handling on dry roads.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of your vehicle. However, knowing the key differences between them can help you make an informed decision. Whether you prioritize durability, performance, or ride comfort, no matter which tire you choose, both the general altimax rt45 and rt43 will deliver a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

With their exceptional quality, remarkable handling, and impressive traction, both models have cemented their place as top contenders in the tire market for drivers looking for a reliable and durable tire.

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