General Altimax Rt43 vs Rt45: Which One Dominates the Road?

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The general altimax rt43 and rt45 are two tires manufactured by general tire. Both are reliable and durable all-season tires with slight differences in performance and design.

General Tire is known for producing high-quality, long-lasting tires that provide drivers with a smooth, safe ride. The altimax rt43 and rt45 are no exception, both offering excellent handling, traction, and performance in a variety of weather conditions.

The rt43 has a more traditional, symmetrical tread pattern, while the rt45 features a directional tread with an asymmetrical design for improved wet-weather handling. Both tires have similar price points and are great options for drivers seeking a dependable and long-lasting tire.

A Brief Overview Of General Altimax Rt43 And Rt45

In this detailed comparison, we thoroughly examine two popular choices in the market – the General Altimax RT43 and RT45. Beyond the basics, we’ll delve into an extensive analysis of features, performance metrics, durability factors, and pricing considerations to empower you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision.

FeatureGeneral Altimax RT43General Altimax RT45
Tire TypeAll-SeasonAll-Season
Tread DesignSymmetricAsymmetric
Tread Depth12/32″12/32″
Tread PatternFour circumferential grooves, multiple sipesFive rib asymmetric tread pattern with wide circumferential grooves
Performance CategoryStandard TouringGrand Touring
Handling and SteeringGoodImproved
Wet TractionVery GoodExcellent
Dry TractionGoodExcellent
Snow TractionGoodGood (with 3D sipes)
Ice TractionFairGood (with 3D sipes)
Ride ComfortGoodExcellent
Noise LevelQuietVery Quiet
Tread Life WarrantyUp to 75,000 milesUp to 75,000 miles
Speed RatingsT, H, VT, H, V, W
Load Index Range75 – 9875 – 103
Available Sizes14″ – 18″15″ – 20″

General Overview of Altimax RT43

Check the best price for General AltiMAX RT43. If you have any confusion about tire size check your tire size using your wheel size.

The General Altimax RT43 has earned acclaim for its outstanding performance and reliability. Let’s explore its features, specifications, and user experiences in greater detail.

Key Features and Specifications:

Tread Design– Advanced pattern for enhanced traction and cornering stability.
– High-density siping and lateral grooves ensure excellent grip on both wet and dry roads.
Traction and Handling– Commendable performance on all-season surfaces, including light snow.
– Wide center rib for precise handling and responsive steering.
All-Season Performance– Engineered for reliable grip and braking in all seasons.
– DuraGen Technology enhances durability and extends tread life.

User Reviews and Experiences:

Many drivers praise the Altimax RT43 for its exceptional performance and longevity. Users appreciate its excellent traction, quiet ride, and confidence in challenging weather conditions.

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  • Excellent traction on wet and dry roads.
  • Long tread life.
  • Comfortable and quiet ride.
  • Good value for money.


  • Limited availability in certain tire sizes.
  • Some users experienced minor tread noise after prolonged use.

General Overview of Altimax RT45

Check the best price for General AltiMAX RT45. The general altimax official website user rating is 4.4. Please check your tire size before buying your tire.

Building upon the success of the RT43, the General Altimax RT45 introduces further enhancements in various performance aspects.

Key Features and Specifications:

Tread Design– Optimized pattern with advanced siping technology for improved traction and precise handling.
– Enhanced silica compound for exceptional wet and dry traction.
Traction and Handling– Twin cushion silica tread compound enhances grip and reduces the risk of hydroplaning.
– Full-depth sipes ensure consistent performance throughout the tire’s life.
All-Season Performance– Designed to excel in all seasons.
– StabiliTread Technology enhances durability and tread life.

User Reviews and Experiences:

Drivers opting for the Altimax RT45 appreciate its superior wet traction, long-lasting tread life, comfortable ride quality, and low noise levels.


  • Excellent wet traction and hydroplaning resistance.
  • Long tread life.
  • Comfortable and quiet ride.
  • Enhanced handling and stability.


  • Limited availability in certain tire sizes.

Both Tire Performance Comparison

To facilitate your decision-making process, let’s conduct an in-depth performance analysis across various crucial aspects.

Traction and Handling

1. Dry Road Performance:

2. Wet Road Performance:

3. Snow and Ice Performance:

  • For light snow conditions, the Altimax RT43 has a slight edge with its high-density siping and lateral grooves.
  • Note: For severe winter conditions, dedicated winter tires are recommended for optimal performance.

Comfort and Ride Quality

  • Both the Altimax RT43 and RT45 offer a comfortable and smooth ride with minimal road noise, providing a quiet driving experience.
  • Good shock absorption enhances overall comfort on the road.

Fuel Efficiency

  • Both tires deliver good fuel efficiency due to their optimized tread designs and advanced compounds.
  • Drivers can expect a balance between performance and fuel economy, suitable for everyday commuting and long-distance driving.

Update: Improved Traction and Stability

The General Altimax RT43 and RT45 now come with an improved tread compound that enhances traction and stability, ensuring even better performance on both wet and dry roads. This upgrade allows for safer and more confident driving experiences.

Durability and Tread Life

Both the Altimax RT43 and RT45 offer exceptional longevity, thanks to their respective technologies – DuraGen Technology and StabiliTread Technology. These technologies enhance durability, ensuring a longer-lasting tire without compromising on performance.

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Real-world experiences demonstrate that these tires can withstand the challenges of everyday driving, including highway mileage and various road conditions. Regular tire maintenance, such as proper inflation and rotation, will further maximize their lifespan.

Price Comparison By Size

The pricing of the Altimax RT43 and RT45 may vary based on tire size and retailer. However, both tires generally offer good value for money considering their performance and longevity.

For a detailed breakdown of the price comparison based on different sizes, refer to the following table:

Tire SizeRT43 (Amazon)RT45 (Amazon)Link
205/60R16$130$123Check Price
225/55R17$135$157Check Price
245/45R18$158$163Check Price
Note: We include only 100V tire prices in this list. Price may differ by seller and location. Double check tire size and description before placing your order.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing General Altimax Rt43 Or Rt45

    If you frequently encounter severe winter conditions, you might want to consider dedicated winter tires for additional traction.

    Choosing between general altimax rt43 and rt45 can be a daunting task. It’s important to consider several factors before making a decision.

    • You must take into account the climate you will be driving in as the tire’s performance may vary in different temperatures.
    • The road condition is also a vital aspect to consider as both tires are designed for different road types. Your driving style is also important to consider as the tire’s tread life may be affected by how you drive.
    • The tire size must be compatible with your vehicle to avoid any potential issues. Finally, your budget will also play a role in your decision-making process. Take all these factors into account before choosing the right tire for you.

Real User Feedback And Experience

The general altimax rt43 and rt45 are both well-known tire models. Real user feedback and experience is invaluable in deciding between them. Many users claim that the rt45 has better wet traction than the rt43. However, the rt43 offers a quieter ride than the rt45.

Both tires have great handling and cornering abilities. Additionally, the rt45 provides better fuel efficiency due to its lower rolling resistance. But, some users mention that the rt45 wears down quicker than the rt43. The rt43 is slightly cheaper than the rt45, but both tires are well-priced for their quality.

Both the rt43 and rt45 are high-quality tires; it ultimately depends on your specific driving needs and preferences.

Which Vehicles Are Compatible With Altimax RT45 and RT43?

Both tires almost fit in every brand car, but it depends on your tire and wheel size. Carefully check the tire or wheel size in the product description. If you have any confusion about tire size check your tire size using your wheel size.

FAQ On General Altimax Rt43 Vs Rt45

What Is The Difference Between General Altimax Rt43 And Rt45 Tires?

The rt45 provides better handling and traction compared to the rt43. The rt43 has a longer lifespan and better fuel efficiency.

Which One Is Better For Wet Roads, General Altimax Rt43 Or Rt45?

Both tires perform well on wet roads. However, the rt45 has better hydroplaning resistance and shorter braking distances.

How do they perform in the snow and summer?

It’s important to note that while all-season tires like the Altimax RT43 and RT45 are designed to perform well in a variety of conditions, including rain and light snow, they may not offer the same level of performance as dedicated summer or winter tires in extreme conditions.

Are General Altimax Rt43 Or Rt45 Tires Suitable For Snow?

Both tires are suitable for light snow conditions. However, the rt45 has better traction and handling on snow-covered roads. We recommend using winter tires for heavy snow and ice conditions.


The general altimax rt43 and rt45 are both great options for drivers looking for reliable and affordable tires. Both models offer all-season traction, fuel efficiency, and a comfortable ride. However, there are some key differences to consider when choosing between the two.

The rt43 has better wet traction and a longer tread life, while the rt45 has better snow traction and a lower price point. Ultimately, the decision will come down to the driver’s specific needs and priorities. With either option, drivers can trust that they are getting a quality tire from a trusted brand.

Investing in good tires is worth it for the safety and performance of your vehicle, and both the rt43 and rt45 are solid choices.

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