Battle of the Brands: John Deere vs Craftsman Riding Mower Showdown

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John deere riding mowers are known for their high quality and durability, while craftsman offers a budget-friendly option. With that said, let’s examine the differences between the two brands and their respective riding mowers.

John deere is a well-respected brand in the lawn and garden industry, known for producing reliable and high-performing equipment. The company offers a range of riding mowers that cater to different needs and budgets. On the other hand, craftsman is a more affordable alternative that still offers reliable performance and decent features.

Both brands have their strengths and weaknesses, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference and specific needs. In this article, we’ll compare the different models offered by john deere and craftsman, and help you make an informed decision when choosing a riding mower.

Brand History And Overview

John deere was founded in 1837 and has been one of the most recognizable names in the agriculture industry ever since. In addition to their iconic green and yellow machines, john deere has a diverse product line ranging from construction equipment to snow blowers.

They have continuously innovated their technology and have been at the forefront of precision agriculture. Craftsman, on the other hand, has a more recent history, beginning in 1927 as a sears-owned brand selling hand tools. Today, craftsman offers a wide variety of products, including lawn mowers, power tools, and garage storage solutions.

While both brands offer quality products, john deere is known for their durability and precision, while craftsman is known for their affordability. In terms of innovation and technology, john deere has consistently pushed the boundaries, while craftsman has focused more on providing reliable, budget-friendly options.

Features And Benefits Comparison

John deere and craftsman are two popular brands when it comes to riding mowers. One significant factor to consider is the cutting width of their mowers. John deere boasts wider cutting width, allowing for more efficient mowing and quicker job completion.

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This feature benefits large lawns and fields. On the other hand, craftsman offers a narrower cutting width, which is suitable for smaller and more intimate areas. Comparing both brands’ cutting width can help you determine which one can cater to your lawn’s needs.

In terms of engine power, john deere offers more horsepower and torque, which is beneficial for cutting through thicker grass. Craftsman’s engine power is also adequate for average mowing tasks. Both brands also have unique comfort and convenience features that provide added comfort during mowing sessions.

Pricing And Warranties

John deere and craftsman are two popular riding mower brands with different pricing and warranties. John deere’s prices range from $1,500 to $5,000 and offer various models. Craftsman’s prices range from $1,300 to $5,500 and also offer different models. A comparison of both brands’ pricing indicates that john deere mowers are more expensive than craftsman’s.

Both brands provide warranties; john deere offers a 2-4 year warranty, depending on the model, while craftsman offers a 3-5 year warranty, depending on the mower. Each brand’s warranties have terms and conditions users should be aware of. It’s important to compare pricing and warranties before making a decision between the two brands.

Customer Reviews Comparison

John deere and craftsman are two of the most popular riding mower brands on the market. While john deere received mostly positive reviews from customers, there were also some negative comments. Many customers appreciated its reliable performance, durability, and easy maneuverability.

Others criticized its high price point, making it less accessible to those on a budget. In contrast, craftsman has a mixed bag of reviews, with some praising its low price, comfortable seating, and smooth ride, while others experienced issues with the engine and maintenance.

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Despite some negative reviews, both brands have their loyal fans. It ultimately comes down to personal preferences and needs when it comes to making the final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions On John Deere Vs Craftsman Riding Mower

Is A John Deere Riding Mower Better Than A Craftsman?

Both john deere and craftsman are reliable, quality brands. Choose based on budget, features, and terrain.

Which One Is More Affordable, John Deere Or Craftsman?

Craftsman offers more affordable models, but john deere has more high-end luxury options.

Can John Deere Or Craftsman Handle Hilly Terrain Better?

Both have models designed for uneven terrain, but john deere’s models tend to perform better. It ultimately depends on the specific model chosen.


At the end of the day, deciding between john deere and craftsman riding mowers ultimately comes down to personal preference and price point. Both brands offer reliable and durable options that can handle even the toughest of lawn mowing jobs.

John deere excels in their commercial-grade models, while craftsman offers affordable options for residential use. When it comes to features, john deere offers a wider range of accessories and attachments, but craftsman has a reputation for being user-friendly and easy to operate.

Regardless of your choice, investing in a riding mower from either john deere or craftsman will undoubtedly make your lawn maintenance much easier and more efficient. Remember to consider your specific lawn size and needs before making your decision. By choosing the right riding mower, you’ll be able to enjoy a well-maintained lawn without breaking a sweat.

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