Maximize Your Horsepower: Guide to Choosing the Right Injectors for 800HP LS

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For 800hp ls, we recommend using 120 lb/hr fuel injectors. These injectors are perfect for producing enough fuel to generate 800 horsepower without straining.

When upgrading an ls engine to produce 800 horsepower, many factors need to be considered to attain the desired power output safely and effectively. One of the essential factors is the size of fuel injectors to use. Injectors are responsible for delivering fuel to the engine’s combustion chamber, which is essential for the fuel-air mixture to ignite and create power.

However, selecting the appropriate injectors can be challenging, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. This article will discuss the ideal fuel injector size for an 800hp ls engine and provide you with some essential information to consider when choosing the right injectors for your setup.

Horsepower Ratings And Fuel Injector Selection

Fuel injector selection plays a crucial role in determining the horsepower rating of an ls engine. As the horsepower increases, the fuel flow requirements also increase, leading to the necessity of larger or more injectors. It is crucial to select the right size of injectors for achieving maximum power while maintaining optimal fuel efficiency.

Incorrect injector sizing can cause engine performance issues such as misfires and hesitation. When selecting injectors, factors such as fuel type, fuel pressure, and engine modifications need to be considered. It is recommended to consult an expert or use fuel injector sizing calculators to ensure correct selection.

Ultimately, correct injector sizing ensures maximum power output and optimal engine performance.

Types Of Fuel Injectors For Ls Engines

Fuel injectors play a vital role in determining the performance of ls engines. Some of the commonly used types of fuel injectors available in the market include ev1 and ev6. Ev1 injectors are known for their compact size and ease of installation, while ev6 injectors are preferred for their higher flow rate and increased fuel efficiency.

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When it comes to choosing the right injector size for your engine, it is important to consider the suitable horsepower for each injector type. The ev1 injector can handle a horsepower range of between 500 and 550, while the ev6 injector is suitable for horsepower levels of up to 800.

Ultimately, the choice of injector size will depend on the specific needs of your ls engine and the performance goals you want to achieve.

Factors To Consider In Choosing Fuel Injectors

Choosing the right fuel injectors for an 800 horsepower ls engine can be tricky. You need to consider various factors such as fuel flow rate, fuel pressure, and injector size. Different brands offer injectors that come with different specifications and flow rates, so it’s essential to compare them carefully.

Major brands such as fuel injector clinic, injector dynamics, deatschwerks, and bosch are available in the market. Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages, which can impact your decision. Before choosing a brand, analyze your requirements, and weigh each brand’s features carefully.

Remember that a wrong decision can result in inefficient fuel delivery, decreased horsepower, or engine failure.

Installation And Maintenance Of Fuel Injectors

Proper installation and maintenance of fuel injectors can contribute to achieving maximum horsepower. When selecting fuel injectors for 800hp ls, it’s recommended to consider the engine’s fuel needs. The size of the injectors should fit the engine’s requirements to ensure proper fuel flow.

To install the injectors correctly, clean the fuel rail and use a sealant to prevent any leaks. To extend the life of the fuel injectors, regular maintenance is necessary. This includes inspecting the fuel injectors for any defects, cleaning and replacing the filters, and testing the fuel pressure regularly.

By sticking to these procedures, the fuel injectors will perform optimally, and their lifespan will increase. Properly functioning fuel injectors are crucial for a high-performance engine and should not be overlooked.

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Frequently Asked Questions Of What Size Injectors For 800Hp Ls

What Size Injectors Do I Need For An 800Hp Ls Engine?

For an 800hp ls engine, you will need injectors of at least 80lb/hr flow rate to ensure adequate fuel delivery.

Can I Use Stock Injectors For An 800Hp Ls Engine?

No. Stock injectors have a limited flow rate, which may not be adequate for an 800hp ls engine. You will need high-performance injectors.

How Do I Choose The Right Injectors For My 800Hp Ls Engine?

To choose the right injectors for your 800hp ls engine, you need to consider the engine’s horsepower, fuel type, and the type of driving you plan to do.


After considering all the factors, it can be concluded that choosing the right size injectors for your 800hp ls engine is crucial for its performance. Taking into account the horsepower goals, fuel type, and the engine’s intended use, we recommend opting for larger injectors to ensure a smooth and powerful running engine.

While it may seem like a simple upgrade, choosing the right size injectors requires careful planning and research. Proper installation and tuning are also essential to maximize the performance gains and prevent any issues with the engine’s functioning. By investing in quality, tested injectors, you can ensure that your ls engine delivers its full potential without any hassle.

So make an informed decision, find the perfect size injectors for your engine and enjoy the thrilling power of your ls engine to the fullest.

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