6L80 vs. 6L80E – Which One to Choose?

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The main difference between a 6l80 and a 6l80e is that the latter has electronic control of the transmission. The 6l80 and the 6l80e are both six-speed automatic transmissions produced by general motors’ hydra-matic division.

The 6l80e has electronic control, while the 6l80 is controlled by hydraulic systems. This means that the 6l80e can provide more precise and efficient shifting, as well as better overall control and handling. In addition, the 6l80e may also have additional features such as “tap up/tap down” gearing, which allows for manual shifting, and a “tow/haul” mode for heavier loads.

Transmission TypeAutomaticAutomatic
Electronic ControlNoYes
TCM (Transmission Control Module)NoYes
Shift ControlManual (mechanical)Electronic
Gear ShiftingTraditional (cable)Electronic (solenoid)
Manual ModeNoYes
TCC (Torque Converter Clutch) ControlHydraulicElectronic
Lockup Torque ConverterYesYes
Gear Ratios6 forward gears6 forward gears
Reverse Gear Ratio4.024.02
1st Gear Ratio4.034.03
2nd Gear Ratio2.362.36
3rd Gear Ratio1.531.53
4th Gear Ratio1.151.15
5th Gear Ratio0.850.85
6th Gear Ratio0.670.67
Max Input Torque440 lb-ft (597 Nm)440 lb-ft (597 Nm)
ApplicationsVarious GM vehiclesVarious GM vehicles

What Is 6L80 Transmission?

What Is 6L80 Transmission?

The 6l80 and 6l80e are both transmission models from general motors. The 6l80 was introduced in 2005 for rear-wheel drive trucks and suvs, and the 6l80e was introduced in 2006 for rear-wheel drive passenger cars. The 6l80 transmission is a six-speed automatic transmission that is electronically controlled.

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It has a torque capacity of around 440 lb-ft and can handle up to 650 horsepower. The components of the 6l80 transmission include the torque converter, valve body, oil pump, and transmission control module. The advantages of the 6l80 include its strength, smooth shifting, and ability to handle high horsepower.

The disadvantages include its weight, size, and cost. Despite its drawbacks, the 6l80 is a popular transmission choice for heavy-duty applications.

What Is 6L80E Transmission?

A 6l80e Transmission

The 6l80e transmission is a type of automatic transmission commonly used in gm vehicles. It has several components that work together to provide smooth shifting and efficient power transfer. The transmission is known for its durability, and it is designed to handle higher horsepower and torque than other transmissions in its class.

Some of the advantages of the 6l80e include improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and increased towing capacity. However, like any other transmission, it has its disadvantages. For example, it can be more expensive to repair or replace than other transmissions, and it may not be suitable for all types of driving conditions.

Nonetheless, the 6l80e remains a popular choice for many drivers looking for a reliable and efficient transmission.

Differences Between 6L80 And 6L80E Transmissions

If you’re curious about the differences between 6l80 and 6l80e transmissions, there are a few key variations to keep in mind. Firstly, the “e” in 6l80e stands for electronic, meaning it has electronic controls rather than a hydraulic shift system.

This allows for more precise, efficient shifting. Additionally, the 6l80e transmission generally has a higher torque capacity and is designed to handle more power, making it a better option for heavier vehicles and those intended for high-performance use. However, the standard 6l80 transmission may be a more cost-effective option for lighter vehicles and everyday driving conditions.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Between 6L80 And 6L80E Transmissions

For the 6l80 and 6l80e transmissions for your vehicle, there are several factors to consider. Engine power and torque requirements should be taken into account, as well as the weight of your vehicle and its towing capacity. Your driving style and the conditions you typically drive in may also impact your decision.

Budget constraints may play a role in your ultimate choice. It’s always advisable to take expert recommendations into account before making a final decision. By carefully weighing these considerations, you can make an informed choice about which transmission is most appropriate for your particular vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions For Whats The Difference Between A 6L80 And A 6L80E

What Is A 6L80 Transmission?

The 6l80 transmission is a six-speed automatic transmission used in various vehicles.

What Is A 6L80E Transmission?

The 6l80e transmission is an updated version of the 6l80, featuring electronic controls.

What Is The Difference Between 6L80 And 6L80E?

The 6l80 has a hydraulic control system, while the 6l80e has an electronic control system.


Having a clear understanding of the differences between the 6l80 and 6l80e transmission is crucial in making informed decisions about your vehicle’s maintenance and aftermarket upgrades. The 6l80 is a six-speed automatic transmission, whereas the 6l80e is an electronic version of the same transmission.

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